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  • Avoid IISRESET in ASP.NET applications (added bonus: ASPRESET)

    I'm always a bit worried when I work with developers or system admins that still think you should "throw in an IISRESET just in case" when deploying ASP.NET applications. Cargo cult server administration at its worst ("Not sure why, but it always seems to help if I throw in an IISRESET after pushing code. If that don't get it, a reboot will!").

  • [OT] My rockstar wife is on tour...

    Danielson Famile
    Originally uploaded by dangreeson.
    Give it up for the mother of two who gets to go on tour (and Grandma, who's watching the two)!

    Rachel's on the tour with The Danielson Famile (tour dates here, some songs on MySpace) until June 11:
    6-2 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom Of The Hill**
    6-3 - Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland
    6-4 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah w/Goblin Cock
    6-5 - Tucson, AZ - Solar Culture
    6-6 - Phoenix, AZ - Modified Arts
    6-8 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kayo Gallery
    6-9 - Denver, CO - Hi Dive *
    6-10 - Lawrence, KS - Bottleneck
    6-11 - Indianapolis, IN - Harrison Center for The Arts
    (The band's on tour the rest of the summer)

    They're in Portland, Oregon tonight at the Loveland. I'm gonna drive up and see her in San Francisco on Friday at the Bottom of the Hill - cool place.

    Then she's back in my world, the one where crazy stuff has been going down. Her car got towed as I was dropping her off at the airport due to a DMV screwup that became my problem, my car got broken into in our driveway, and I even managed to explode a Pyrex container due to some crazy heat differential disaster while roasting lamb chops yesterday. I hope I survive until she returns...

    Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. I just like saying "My wife? Oh, she's on tour..."