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  • My first MVP Summit

    I really enjoyed my first MVP Summit as a rather freshly minted Microsoft ASP.NET MVP of all of six months. I struggle with writing about that kind of thing, since MVP posts often turn into "I heard some awesome new secrets, can't tell you, giggle giggle, bye!" taunts, but having been to one I don't think that's so much of a problem. I did hear some new things, but the real highlight was the face to face meetings with old and new friends.

  • February / March 2008 Recap

    At the end of January, I published a monthly recap and threatened to do it at the end of every month. I've generally avoided link blogging in favor of trying to write original content, but I think there's some value in compiling the major events I think developers - especially ASP.NET developers - would want to know about. I put some effort into selecting what I thought are the top stories, with a mind towards summarizing what's going on rather than just inundating you a bunch of links you won't have time to read. I included either excerpts, commentary, or both, so you can hopefully just skim the list if you like.

  • Visual Studio 2008 (Beta 2) Install - Easter Egg?

    Exactly one week ago, I was testing something that required me to install the old Visual Studio 2008 (Beta 2) on a virtual machine. I got part way through the install when a bizarre set of circumstances led to my accidentally sitting on the keyboard. A bunch of buttons got pressed in some random order, and all of a sudden the screen switched to this: