Looking Forward to Window Clippings 2.0: Pop-ups

That’s right: I’m working on Window Clippings 2.0. This is another big release with many new features, much of which has been driven by user requests. I will be highlighting some of the new features over the next few weeks to give you an idea of what you can expect from version 2.0.

Take a look at the following image:

You guessed it, Window Clippings 2.0 supports pop-ups. You can now interact with the selected window to produce some effect, such as displaying a tool-tip or menu. Window Clippings will automatically determine the region including the popup windows and include it all in the final image. Now have a look at the same image in Photoshop:

If you look closely you’ll notice that even the alpha blending from the menu’s shadow has been captured. It may seem like a small thing but it’s the sort of thing that makes a screenshot look great!

Stay tuned for more highlights from the upcoming Window Clippings 2.0!


Version 1.5 is the current release and you can download it here.

© 2007 Kenny Kerr


  • Kenny, I encountered one problem with Windows Clippings 1.5. When you try to take snap-shot of a maximized window, double-click does not work except on the task bar. If the window is not maximized, it works as usual.

  • Tanveer: Maximized windows are not supported by Windows Clippings 1.5 but they are supported by 2.0.

  • Any chance we could gets some support for saving to and FTP or WebDAV site. That would make this perfect for blog stuff... even a simple plug-in setup so I could write my own would rock.

  • Marc: your wish is my command :)

    Seriously, Window Clippings 2.0 supports add-ins so you can write/obtain an add-in to do virtually anything you like with a window clipping. I’ll talk more about this soon.

  • Really nice to hear that :).

    Its just like a bug report to Microsoft. You ask for some feature and they say, sorry, this is by design, or bluntly "A won't fix".

    Just kidding, keep up the good work.

  • Any chance 2.0 might support capturing a arbitrarily selected region of the screen instead of capturing by window?

  • Glenn: That is supported. You can select a rectangular region, moving and resizing the selection, much like you can in paint programs thus allowing you to create an imagine without ever selecting a window. More on that soon.

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