Window Clippings 2.1: Send to Paint.NET

Earlier this week I hinted at a surprise new feature that was introduced with the 2.1.28 build of Window Clippings. I can now tell you what it is!

Rick Brewster and I collaborated to enable seamless integration between Window Clippings and Paint.NET. Assuming you have the latest release of Window Clippings (2.1.28 or later) and the latest release of Paint.NET (3.31 or later), Window Clippings will offer a brand new add-in called Send to Paint.NET.

Last year I showed how you can use the Window Clippings “Post-save event” feature to send images to Paint.NET. This is a useful feature that lets you run any command after an image is saved to disk. It can be used to send images to any program.

The new Send to Paint.NET add-in makes it even easier by sending images directly to Paint.NET without first having to save it to a file. Window Clippings will automatically figure out where Panit.NET is installed so there’s not even any configuration involved. Not only that, but the image is treated as a new “untitled” image as if it was automatically copied and pasted directly into Paint.NET.

Download Window Clippings here:

Download Paint.NET here:


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  • Would be great if you could check HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Paint.NET\TARGETDIR aswell (Used by the non admin 3rd party Paint.NET installer)

  • Great news!
    I'm a long-time user and a recent window clippings user...
    But what about the multi-language support?

  • pierdelp: Paint.NET’s Rick Brewster has Microsoft’s translation services team at his disposal. I’m afraid I’m not so lucky! I am however looking at adding some additional languages as that has been a popular request.

  • Where do i get the add-in. It's a great idea, but i want to see it in action.

  • zach: The "Send to Paint.NET" action is a built-in action in Window Clippings version 2.1.28 and later. It will automatically be available if you have Paint.NET 3.31 and later installed.

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