XmlLite and Windows XP Service Pack 3

The April 2007 issue of MSDN Magazine included an article I wrote about the excellent XmlLite parser for native C++ developers. In October of that year I wrote about the lack of a redistributable for Windows XP. Although the XML team at Microsoft told me that they hoped to provide a redistributable it never did materialize.

As a last resort I asked them whether it could be included in Windows XP Service Pack 3 so that developers could at least rely on its presence on computers with the latest service pack. Although I never received any confirmation I finally installed SP3 in a new virtual machine and look what I found:

Hope that helps.

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  • SR: the Windows SDK includes the libraries and headers necessary to target different versions of Windows so you can build applications but it may not necessarily be able to run those applications without the necessary prerequisites. For SP2 you need to download XmlLite. For SP3 it is included.

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