Is it friday? now in Vista gadget

Here is my contribution to the Gadget vs Gadget competition : Is It Friday?

Is it friday? Vista Gadget

Story: one day Guy Barrette told me that it will be nice to have as a gadget. So here it is! This gadget sits on your Vista Sidebar and notify nicely if today is the day you have been waiting for... friday!

Admit that it is completely useful, now I'm sure to win the competition!

Download it for free on the Windows Live Gallery.

Please read the requirements and note that one of them is "sens of humour"... so don't bother with comments like "Your gadget is a crap, you made it in 15 min." You'll be right, worst than that I made it in 1 hour... and the idea is not even from me!

Update: removed link to as it appears that the website is no more live.

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