My Silverlight 4 talk at ConFoo Montreal

Wednesday I did a Silverlight 4 talk at ConFoo ( very good conference in Montreal!


As my public was mostly PHP dev I started by quickly introducing Silverlight, then showed several demos:

Easy Painter:

Physics Games:


Bouncing Pane:


Then I wanted to show a little more business oriented Silverlight app, so I opened Visual Studio 2010 and built an app from scratch, showing:

  • Navigation Framework and integration with browser history
  • Switch to custom skin (from the Microsoft Expression Community Gallery)
  • Drop Target feature + cover flow control
  • Add a SQL Express Db
  • Create an Entity Framework data model
  • Use WCF RIA Services to expose server data to client
  • DataGrid, custom columns and copy/paste to Excel
  • BusyIndicator control
  • Out Of Browser
  • Notification Window


Silverlight 4 as a Drop Target and the nice RadCoverFlow from Telerik:

WCF RIA Services to manage server data from the client:

Download slides (french)


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