My Windows Phone 7 presentation in Montreal

altLast week I presented a session as part of the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Developers Briefing in Montreal. I was with another RunAtServer team member: Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault, who presented the “Phone Games with XNA” part.

I showed some slides, then built a live WP7 demo with VS2010 that covered:

  • XAML
  • MVVM
  • Design time data
  • Resources
  • Data binding
  • INotifyPropertyChanged
  • Converter
  • MVVM Light Toolkit
  • Blend and behaviors
  • Orientation
  • Accelerometer

So I created a die roll phone application... that randomize a die value with a roll effect, and added a nice “Shake to roll” feature!

Thanks for everyone who showed up, it was fun!


Download the slides

Download the code


Thanks to Colin Melia for the slides and code. The Die app code belong to him.
You can learn more with a great tutorial here:
My code sample here contains the original code + my “shake to roll” feature (AccelerometerHelper class).

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