Windows 10 Mobile, no home screen and stuck in "Loading" loop

I use the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview to evaluate Windows 10 on my Windows Phone.

- It is an early preview full of bugs, so do not upgrade your main phone -

Soon after the upgrade (Lumia 1020 build 10166) I got hit by this nasty bug:
No tiles on my home screen and stuck in a “loading” loop

Many solutions suggest to do a hard reset, so at that point I was ready to rollback to Windows Phone 8.1 but I found this nice solution online by Daniel Delgado, and I want to surface it here:

  • Turn on the Airplane Mode (you still have access to your settings with a swipe from the top)
  • Close everything using the task switcher (long press the back button)
  • Do a soft reset with power + volume down (you won’t loose data)
  • The Feedback form will pop-up
  • Press the Start button and now your home screen with tiles will appear!
  • If not, try a soft reset again

The problem might comes from the feedback form (ironically), so you will get the loading bug again on all sort of operation or app crash…

Side note: Unlike its big brother Windows 10, Windows 10 on Mobile is far from being a finished product, so people please stop whining in the forums, comments like “Fix it now Microsoft!” are just absurd, they *are* working on it.

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