Subversion clients...

I was looking for a new Subversion client so I could pull down the latest NetTiers bits from SourceForge and stumbled across this handy list of various different Subversion Tools at a Subversion source control hosting service named Collabnet.

In the past, I have used TortoiseSVN but sometimes I get tired of its shell-extension integration creating so many context-menu options when I right-click on a file or folder.  So, hopefully one of the other open source apps on this list will satisfy my occasional needs with greater simplicity.


  • I find TSVN simply great. Ok it has many options in the shell extension but they are very immediate and it's a pleasure to work with it.

  • is run by who are actually the people who sponsored the development of subversion, so it's always a good place to look for SVN related goodies.

    If you want a nice simple SVN client, why not try using the command line one that comes with subversion? It's very easy to use (nothing like running it twice to login as with CVS) and of course puts nothing into your shell menu!

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