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  • When DateTime.MinValue Attacks

    The other day I purchased myself a new Dell server for home, and when checking out my order status on their .NET Web App, I noticed this nice piece of information under the section of viewing all previous orders by my customer number.

  • Google Desktop Search Flaw, Fixed

    You mean, it was conceivable that the information could be captured by another webpage with your hooks into the API to produce the webpages…you don’t say…

  • My First Bug Stopped by TDD

    So I’m working on a side job, and I’ve been using the great & wonderful Test Driven .NET, but thats not the point of this post. What the point is, is that for the first time since I’ve started doing TDD (which – I might add, is very short), running my tests proved to me that a bug existed in code as I modified it. Yes, thats right – 3 tests failed, so I spent about an hour digging down in my buisness logic to try and find out why. Alas, I finally did find out why, and it was because of a change I had made.

  • Beta Day - VS.NET 2005

    Well, my reactions to VS.NET are still the same…still amazes me. I started re-creating some of my custom controls, started with the simple ones first, just so I can get “ahead of the game” on this for whenever it goes prime time (PDC?).

  • Beta Day: FogBugz 4.0 and VS.NET 2005

    So today I decided it was going to be a beta day, well really, I was just going to work in VS.NET 2005’s Nov. CTP distro that was just launched, more on this later. However, prior to lunch I got an email notifying me that I’ve been accepted into the FogBugz 4.0 beta program. Ohh yeah! Now, I’m going to keep Joel’s “Mouth Wide Shut” policy by not discussing anyting about the 4.0 beta, but I do have to say this – its stable, more powerful, and a bunch of new awesome features have been added.

  • Nov. CTP Installation Gotchas

    So I’m at work and trying to install the November CTP from my one laptop to my test laptop. Here’s a few gotcha’s that you need to know when using Nero Image Drive…

  • Unleash It Data Collection

    Looks like an update I made somewhere along the line broke usage collection for 2.4 via my webservices. So, if you’re like me and wanted to know how much things were getting reported, you’ll probably be missing that data until I figure out whats wrong.

  • PDC '03 Costs

    Yes, I said PDC ‘03, not ‘05. My boss stated that I need to get a budget going for ‘05, and since no info is available for ‘05 yet, I need to base it off of ‘03. Does anyone have the costs for PDC ‘03? Like, registration or any additional costs?

  • Windows Messenger 5.1

    I have this nasty habit of always wanting to run the latest and greatest of any software. Sometimes this causes problems with my system, however I don’t think upgrading to Windows Messenger 5.1 will hinder my work. Supposedly, there’s enhancements in this version…whatever, I got the newest version.

    Update: I just installed MSN Messenger 7.0 BETA, I wonder when my computer’s going to puke. BTW, this beta is just crazy…so many annoying things in it like “Nudge”

  • Review: WipeClean v1.0

    Over the past month, I’ve been beta testing a new product by Avantrix called WipeClean. This product allows you to securely wipe files from your hard drive by writing zeros overall the bits on the drive. Another great feature that it adds, is if you wipe a folder, it’ll wipe that folders contents and subfolders based on a file mask that you provide. So, by easily supplying *.dat when wiping a folder, only files with that mask will get wiped leaving all other masks in-tact.

  • My Resignation is in Order

    As of 5 PM yesterday, I’m no longer apart of the Central IL Dot Net User Group based out of Bloomington / Normal, IL. Throughout the past year, I did my hardest to bring in the best & brightest speakers, and I succeeded. I wanted to personally thank those that came and spoke. As far as what I’ll be doing next…well, I’ll probably join the other .NET User Group in town and see if that group is any better (which I’m sure it will be). If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll probably start a third group in town.

  • Heartland Developers Conference

    Like several others have mentioned, I’ll be taking off later today heading to Iowa for the Heartland Developers Conference. I, however, won’t be presenting but enjoying those that are. If you’re attending, make sure you look for me. I’ll be the geek carrying the laptop bag, hmm…thats not descriptive enough…I’ll be the geek carrying the laptop bag and wearing a Microsoft .NET T-Shirt, hmm….nope, still not enough…I’ll be the geek carrying the laptop bag, wearing a Microsoft .NET T-Shirt, and …. well heck, here’s a picture of me…that will be easier.

  • Took the Plunge: Vault 3.0

    So I decided to bite the bullet this afternoon and purchase 2 gold support licenses from SourceGear to obtain Vault 3.0. The upgrade went really, really smooth (I still have doubts that its properly working, but it looks and acts like v2.0.6 (close)), surprisingly. I always fret major updates to programs I use daily that could corrupt the integrity of my well being, code. I do have to say, it seems to be a loooot faster, and I loooove the new add files dialog.