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  • Important VPC Note

    Now that Beta 1 of Visual Studio .NET 2005 has been launched, and most developers **know its not that great** of an idea to install betas on their host machine (or main production machine), you should note 1 important thing about using VPC backup images.

  • Review: MoodLogic

    This weekend I ran across a utility called MoodLogic in the search for an application that would allow me to easily sort my music library as well as generate music mixes easily. With tag lines like "The Ultimate Music Experience" and "We make Mixes from the best music in the world...Yours" I have to truly agree.

  • Becoming a Reviewer

    My good friend Jeff read my latest review on VisualBlogger 2004, and made a comment stating I should do this on a more professional basis. Hmm, not a bad idea. I think I may start doing this, however I promise not all of my reviews will be bad...if I find something I like, I'll make a note of it.

  • Get Credit Through PayPal

    PayPal announced today that you can now get "Buyer Credit" through them. It's basically a online credit card that goes through them that you can use to pay for items without having any money in your account. Setup and authorization takes about 30 seconds (so they say), and you get 90 days same as cash.

  • Updated Utility: WebDeploy

    WebDeploy has now reached a stable 1.1! When I started working on the next wave of things, I figured I'd only have 2 or 3 items, and it would go to 1.0.1, but as I got in and tested it more myself, I actually found a lot more bugs. This version doesn't have any breaking changes, again, but it does enhance the product to a mature level. I'm hoping this version is nearly bug free...but, what about the changelog? Ahh, here it is...

  • Bug Tracking Provider Block

    The past few days I decided that my bug tracking component that I created for WebDeploy needed an overhaul. It was built directly to interface with FogBUGZ, and didn't allow for support of any other method. Alas, I thought the provider model could come in extremely handy - and it did.

  • XP SP2 RC2 Woes: Followup

    So after my computer mysteriously decided it wasn't going to connect to the internet anymore (got me on that one, tried everything short of throwing the computer out the window) I determined my computer was destined to its second rebuild in 1 month. Most commonly I do this every 6 months, but not  having internet can put a damper on that experience. So, even after my initial woes of SP2 not working with my DVD burner, and having it freeze on me, I decided, what the hey - I'll do a fresh install and try it out again.

  • Standardized Installers

    As I typed the title, I just had a flash back of ACT, SAT, CAT (I think) tests that we all knew and loved back in our early days of schooling. Standardized Testing, oh how great it was, and made it nice for the schools to accurately judge our abilities.

  • My Take on Not Getting VSTS

    After reading Early Adopter's post about how VSTS will not even be available via MSDN Universal Subscribers, I thought to myself - why the heck is Microsoft even implementing VSTS. If its not going to be available to most developers out there (unless your a super corp with loads of $$, not my company - we get ours from MSDN Universal) then the darn thing 1) isn't going to be bought by individuals/developers, 2) isn't going to be an available tool that MS will probably market it as, 3) isn't going to be worth the time spending thousands of hours developing it.

  • XP SP2 RC2 Woes

    Man, I have absolutely NO LUCK with XP SP2 on my machines. I downloaded and installed it tonight on my home machine (which was recently rebuilt), and WHAMMO! it doesn't boot up anymore, and when it first did I lost my DVD Burner (attached via FireWire). Anyone else having this much trouble? I know I had about the same problems with XP SP2 RC1.

  • Here's Your Sign...

    My dad and I went to the Menards yesterday and were looking for many household items including new shower fixtures and new patio furniture. Well, if anyone knows Menards, you know its emmensly huge, and finding things isn't that easy unless you ask. So, as we asked one of the guys working there where patio furniture, I couldn't resist and just say “Here's your sign...”

  • TiVo Dropping Prices and We're Getting More!

    So after DirectTV sold its shares of TiVo just the other day, TiVo announced that they'll be cutting prices of their DVR. According to this article, the monthly subscription will become $6.95, and TiVo will be giving price breaks to customers who already own a TiVo DVR. They also stated that the $99 Home Media Option will become part of the normal subscription! That rocks!

  • Whidbey DataSources - Are they Cumbersome?

    So I've had a bit of time to think about the new DataSources objects that are in ASP.NET 2.0, and I think I've come to the conclusion that ultimately they'll be more cumbersome than helpful. I state this in reference to how a lot of my applications are built, in which each page will have a TON of data access to do, all requiring their own business object to be called.

  • GMail Invite Inquiries

    Err - I have GMail, so what. I hardly use it because I don't need 3 dozen email addresses floating around. So, this means I *don't* get to see the "invite someone" link at all.

  • Favorite Whidbey DataSource

    What is your favorite Whidbey DataSource. Mine happens to be the ObjectDataSource because most of what I do revolves around writing business logic components that ultimately retrieves and processes the data for me. With the advent of Generics in .NET 2.0, this is seemingly getting easier to do because you can pass back a List<T> instead of just a plain old DataSet. What's yours and why? Do we need more DataSources out of the box?

  • BlogJet BETA Out

    For those of you who keep track of and love using BlogJet, I'd like to state that there's a new Beta out, check out the red item! I've already submitted a few bugs, so help Dimitri out and give 19 BETA a try!