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  • Updated Utility: WebDeploy

    I've updated WebDeploy this morning to fix several outstanding bugs that have come up since 1.2. This 1.2.1 version includes nothing new, but fixes the following:

  • Fun Words to Type

    You know what word is fun to type? Queue. Mississippi could fall into this category as well. What are fun words you like to type? What are hard ones that you hate?

  • A little time, a little patience... all it takes to create such a cool looking calendar. One of my happiest customers to date has modified my CalendarPopup javascript to his likings, and as such, has come up with one of the coolest looking Calendar's I've about cool.

  • Updated Utility: WebDeploy

    WebDeploy has now reached version 1.2 with a major shift in how it handles matching files. Yes, the most important release note about 1.2 is that WebDeploy no longer uses file extensions, but rather relies on using File Masks to match and copy files. This new feature will hopefully be able to extend its functionality to even more users.

  • BillG's Summer Home

    Saw something extremely cool while taking a tour of Miami today, that was just a "must blog." The picture below, is the backside of BillG's summer home in Miami, FL. I sure wish I could live next to the guy who created Asprin and Viagra, that estate ($49 Million) is wonderful itself.

  • I'm Older Now

    Well, one quick note from my's my 23rd birthday, and what better way of spending it than sitting on the beach in beautiful blue skies. Yes, I've actually done that this morning, and plan on doing it later. So, off to lunch then back to the beach!

  • Leaving for Vacation

    For those of you keeping tabs on me...I'll be leaving for a week long vacation to Florida this evening. Yup, thats no programming, no work, no stress...just sitting on the beach getting burnt. So, don't expect me to respond if you have a pressing issue directed towards me. Catch on the flip side

  • Async Call to WebService

    So I ran into a bit of a problem this afternoon when calling WebServices asynchronously. It seems that if the process that calls the webservice ends right after you call the web service asynchrously, the process stops the async call and never makes that call.

  • Find Files with Mask

    Preface: For my new version of WebDeploy, I wanted to disband the idea of using extensions. Now, don't freak out...I have a good reason why. One of the most pressing requests has been

  • Check out Before Find & Replace

    So I had to make a change to a demo at work today, which is checked into VSS. This change basically was to modify the color of an element in CSS (which happens to be on every page, thats about 250 demo HTML pages).

  • New Utility: TiVo Reader

    Who want's to read your news on your TiVo? I'll wait while you think for a second...okay, thats enough. So, for those of you who have your hand raised right now, or those that don't read on...

  • My Own WTF

    Today I was visiting a client site doing some data mining on a third party product that they own. Ultimately we will be building reports off of their data using SQL Reporting Services. Well, as I was going through the tables, I kept seeing date fields that didn't look like a normal date field. Much to my dismay, this third party company (who uses SQL Server 2000 as a back end database) doesn't believe that the SQL DateTime field is appropriate for storing dates. No, instead they use a long integer data type and store the date as YYYYMMDD.

  • What is Microsoft .NET?

    Crazy, isn't it. I thought so too as I was reading an article about how a China based company will be building .NET-based enterprise and e-government packages for the Chinese market. Towards the end of the article, it had a link to an older article about Microsoft's .NET initiative.