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  • Heading to Nebraska

    I'll be heading to Nebraska this afternoon for a few days on a business trip. So, I will probably have limited contact with the outside world. I'll be back on Thursday, so I'll attempt to get caught up at that point.

  • Unleash It - Beta Testers Wanted

    Well, after a disaster of a release last week, I've fixed the problem of using VS.NET project files as your source and Directory as your destination. I think that it's come to the point where I need a set of good beta testers. Unleash It has grown to the point where this is needed now, as the last 2 releases have shown it.

  • Updated Utility: Unleash It 2.1.1

    I've released a new version of Unleash It that fixes multiple problems that people were having. Most notably, exclusion of folders when a VS.NET project was the source was not possible. After re-working the code, this is now possible along with being able to view the files / folders to be deployed dialogs.

  • Attending HDC '04

    I just signed up to attend HDC '04 located in Des Moines, IA this coming December. Its going to be a long 4-5 hour trip, but I think it'll all work out since I'll be able to network with all you other geeks out there. If you're heading out too, make sure you attend the party Thursday night...maybe we could meet up and chat!

  • TiVo Beats ReplayTV

    In the most bizarre article, engineers of the Good Housekeeping Institute tested both TiVo and ReplayTV. What did they find? Well, they found both work great, but the engineers (who do this for a living, I might add) had to call ReplayTV twice for technical support.

  • Updated Skin, Again

    I took some more time this afternoon and updated my skin some more. Just did some color changes and a bit of attempted layout change. Let me know what you orange my color?

  • Coining a New Term

    I'm currently sitting in a SQL Server 2005 technical overview webcast, and I just coined a new term.

  • Get your Bloggers List Back! (on /

    I just noticed that the main pages have been updated with links to listings of bloggers. For instance, has 3 links, "Microsoft Bloggers", "Non-Microsoft Bloggers", and "All Bloggers" whereas has a link called "Blog Lists". What these are, are actually the non-truncated listing of blogs on each community site. This (I assume) is to replace the HUUUGE listing of bloggers down the side of the main feed site. It even comes with a nice listing of the descriptions too :)

  • New Blog Skin

    I decided it was time to apply a new blog skin, as David pointed out, "Lighty" just doesn't render correctly in Firefox. I think it would be cool if more skins would appear for, or we can upload our own, yeah that would be cool.

  • Firefox 1.0PR, Half the Way There!

    No, I'm not talking about their browser only being half the way there, I'm talking about their goal of 1 million downloads in 10 days. I can't believe that in only a mere 2 days, over 500,000 estimated downloads have of Firefox 1.0PR have taken place. At this rate, I think they'll reach the 1 million mark by day 5.

  • Competing in Google's Top Coder Contest

    So I just finished competing in the qualification round for Google's Top Coder contest, and well, damn there are some quick coders out there. You basically had 1 hour to code solutions for 2 problems, 1 being worth 400 points and the other worth being 1000 points. Points are based on how fast you submit your code, but are later tested against system tests and code reviews in which they can remove points from you.

  • Firefox 1.0PR Released

    Firefox 1.0PR has been released, amongst other Mozilla based browser updates. I've personally tried to start using Firefox more, but I seem to always revert back to IE. I however, have spent about 30 min customizing Firefox to my browsing habits, so maybe that will help me in my conversion.

  • Featured in asp.netPRO Newsletter

    I ran across this writeup through my site statistics and noticed a very nice article on several ASP.NET control developers, one of which being me. I'm not exactly sure when or where this was released, but based on the URL, I'm guessing it was released September of 2004. I have to say that this was by far a shock for me, and I'm quite pleased. Not that I'm bragging or anything, but I did get most of the rave in the article. Andy's and Peter's were just side notes, it seemed.

  • New Release: Unleash It 2.1

    Unleash It 2.1 has reached another milestone with many fixes and few additions. There isn't a ton of functionality change, however you should notice a few differences:

  • Finding "Unleash" on the Internet

    So since I announced the rebranding of WebDeploy to Unleash It, I added a keyword search feed for "unleash it" through NewsGator. I've concluded that there are a lot of blogs out there that use "unleash" quite a bit concerning John Kerry and his campaign. And, after last nights presentation by Dick Cheney, he now appears a multitude of times. Now, I don't really care much for politics, but its quite funny to see "unleash" "unleash" "unleash" come out of so many peoples blogs on politics.