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  • Thrown into the fire

    So my first week at Microsoft has been one hell of a week. I went through 1.5 days of NEO (New Employee Orientation), be placed into an office that I’m sharing with Cleve (hopefully I’ll get my own office soon, but we’re crammed for space in the building), and be placed on my first development team. At this time, I found out that we’re right in the middle of the spec creation, so trying to pick up the project & learn all my NEO stuff in just 2.5 days has been real fun. The experience is truly different from that of anything I’ve done before…as there’s really nothing like sitting in the lounge all day whiteboarding ideas and writing tech specs.

  • The Joke's On You

    Heh, I’ve been preparing (link 1, 2, 3, 4) my April Fools joke for the last two weeks now. Boy are a lot of people gullable. To think that so many people would actually believe that Microsoft would hire a good ‘ol boy from Illinois and move him and his fiance across country. I do have to say that my story was very elaborate, though the indications are there that it was all fake (no names used, no specific dates except for my “on-site” interview). What’s even funnier is that I completely made up the Microsoft division that “hired” me. I even got some Microsoftees to join in (thanks gretchen & Cleve!), secretly of course, to help out in making this seem reliable.

  • And Installed again...

    After contacting support for BackupPlus, they were of no help, or rather said for me to contact Microsoft directly to get help on the issue. Hah, right. I purchased your software which implies you supporting it…YOU contact Microsoft, not me. There’s some issue when registering components that they “say” works on their installation…heh, I doubt it does they just don’t know what the hell their doing.