Ever have one of those days...

Ever have one of those days where you can’t seem to remember where you put your brain? Well, I’ve been having one for the last few months now. Either that or the little green men really do exist and I should get an IRM as soon as possible.

Things have been busy around here as we launch into the final stretch of development on our next big release. As this release is a complete re-write into Microsoft .NET and SQL Server there are, needless to say, a few extra hours required. But after 2 years of development, at least we can see the end of the road. I can’t remember the color of my house, the price of milk, or my wife’s name but who cares! It’s beta time baby.

Once things get into full beta I plan on picking up my posting again (and locating my family). I also plan to put up a post-mortem on the project. Hopefully it will help someone avoid mistakes I made alone the way (not that I made any mistakes mind you….).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get started on my Alien Abduction Survey.

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