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  • Word as Blog Editor

    Did you know that Microsoft Word also makes an excellent blog editor? In fact, this post made using Word 2013. So how do you set up Word for blog editing? It is rather simple, albeit a little round about.

    The process starts by opening Microsoft Word and selecting "Blog Post" as the template. This is the convoluted part, even if you are looking to edit and existing post you start by opening a new Blog Post template. Like I said, it is a...
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  • Custom Headers with HttpClient

    I while back I talked about Basic Authentication with HttpClient. Kaysha posted an excellent question about custom headers for things like User-Agent and Content-Type. Here is how you handle those headers.

    HttpClient is extremely simple to use out of the box. Most of the plumbing is automatically handled for you. In some cases however you need to change some of that plumbing. As with most abstractions however, you often need to take a few steps back when you need to change the assumptions...
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  • Too Clever By Half

    So I'm a bit of a stickler for fool-proof configuration, sometimes to my own detriment.  In response to my earlier Bing Maps SDK issue with x64 I thought I would be really clever and just remove x64 as a target platform from the solution configuration. I thought it was clever. Heck, It was clever....too clever it seems.

    It turns out that removing a Solution Platform from your solution will result in a rather unceremonious Visual Studio crash when you attempt to Create App Package for...
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  • Bing Maps SDK

    I've been playing around with the Bing Maps SDK over the holidays. The documentation includes a step-by-step guide for adding Bing Maps to my app that got me up and running. I had to make some small changes like targeting specific CPU and not the default 'Any CPU' target and (since this app is written in C#) I had to add a reference to the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Package in addition to the Bing Maps SDK.

    Once I had the project...
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