Windows, that other kind

We decided a little while back to add a developer to the company. Until now it was just me and some contractors to pick up the slack. But as the customer base has grown and the decision to move to .NET was made, it became clear that I needed real full-time help.

Now, for the last 4 years I have worked out of my home. And for the first 2 it was fantastic. For the last 2 however... Lets just say that my cat is a poor conversationalist and the dogs don't seem to care about who was booted off of Survivor. Seriously, working at home full time is lonely; damn lonely.

So not only are we adding someone, but we also rented office space to house the two of us. It is a very nice space in a beautiful old building (built in 1834) with hammered tin ceilings and oak trimmed walls. Oh yeah, and HUGE windows with stained glass at the top. Windows that were quite dirty and that I decided I was more than willing to just clean myself.

Funny thing about stained glass, it is made up of some very small pieces. Insanely small pieces in fact. There I am, straddling the top of a ladder with a bottle of Windex in the right hand and a tooth-brush in the left, doing my best to scrub microscopic pieces of colored glass. But I did it! All the hard work was over, the windows were clean! And so I stepped down from my ladder, looked up and my window and thought to myself: “Hmmm, doesn't look any different at all”.



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