Learning from Keith

Keith Pleas taught me a few things when he have a talk on Localization at the Boston .NET User's Group last night. But the most important one was this: I will never do localization! One of the most important things in being a developer is knowing you limitations, and this folks is one of mine. I would quite simply hang myself within hours of starting a localization project.

One a side note, Jeff's on .NET was very interesting. He insight into ngen.exe answered a lot of lingering question I've had about the utility. If you have a chance to see him speak, do so. He is one of the few speakers that can speak geek without making you feel like you just walked into a chess club from hell. Very funny, and very informative.

And sorry Jeff, I still agree with Chris Sells. Unseal the darn framework. Interfaces would be an improvement, but I would rather no have to rewrite the class completely just so I can make a minor improvement.

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