Using Unity Application Block – from basics to generics

I just wanted to have one place where I list all the six Unity blogs I’ve written.

Part 1: The very basics – Begin using Unity (code here)

Part 2: Registering other types and resolving them (code here)

Part 3: Lifetime Management (code here)

Part 4: Constructor and Property or Setter Injection (code here)

Part 5: Arrays (code here)

Part 6: Generics (code here)

Hope this helps someone (and this is the smallest blog I’ve posted till now).


  • Great thanks!

  • You're welcome Avi.


  • Hi,
    Great series so far! :)
    I was looking for a way to do the following, and couldn't find a useful post on how to. I was wondering whether you could help.
    e.g. I have class A that implements interface IA. A has method Create() which returns an object of interface IB. What I want is when I ask Unity for IB, is for it to go and resolve IA (which I would have already registered as singleton), and call Create to build IB. I think this is supported but, can't seem to find a good enough doc on how to.

  • Excellent article set. The basics are so nicely explained. 5 Star. :)

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