Silverlight 2 RTW on Monday?

I just spotted this on Twitter and I must say this is looking good!

Basically Microsoft came out yesterday on their PressPass site, with a press release saying that there will be a teleconference on Monday (13 October) where ScottGu (Scott Guthrie) will make a "significant announcement related to Microsoft Silverlight".

I did some poking around on the internet and found one or two mentions of this, at ZDNet and on Kurt Brockett's blog but that was it, for some reason, maybe because it's weekend? This doesn't seem to have been covered much on other blogs, so I thought I'd spread the word :)

On Kurt's blog there are some comments discussing the possible release, and among others, there's a comment by Adam Kinney hinting that he's busy upgrading his Beta 2 projects for release. Someone else however is saying that Silverlight 2 won't be released on Monday, and that it will just be an announcement about the release date.

Either way, exiting stuff, bring on Monday!!



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  • I suspect you're right! When says the SL2 release is "imminent", I don't think they're going to wait until the PDC as I had previously forecast.

    If Windows Cloud requires Silverlight, it would make sense to have lots of SL2 RTW installations out there once the Cloud demos are available.

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