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  • Internet Explorer on Windows XP doesn't save password

    Later Addition: I received an email from Bas Barten with a fix for this: and  This is the fix that I had been looking for.  Basically it's hidden in the Autocomplete and needs to be turned on. Bas Barten's fix is better in some situations that what I mentioned below because it allows the form to remember the password but still gives you the username/password prompt so that if the password changes in the future, or if you want to log in as a different user, then you have that choice.  Using the fix I mention doesn't give you that prompt but logs you right in automaticaly.  The issue with this is that if it's a site that you use for testing, or if you need to log on with different users, it can be a pain because you must first update the IE settings, then log on with the different user, then change the settings again.  It all depends on your situation which method is better.