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  • Managing Terminal Services Sessions Remotely

    I regularly administer Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 machine using Terminal Services.  In W2K I use Terminal Services in Administration mode and in W2K3 I use Remote Desktop.  Basically this is the same thing but it's packaged a bit differently on the two OSes.  In both situations there are only 2 users allowed for administration so occasionally both are used up and I can't access the server.  This may happen if two people are legitimately using the servers or if someone forgot to log off.  Yes, I do have the settings set to automatically disconnect and/or log off a user after X minutes of inactivity but even with that there are times when I need to be able to manage this remotely.

  • In the beginning . . .

    Finally, the time has come for me to start my own blog.  My first comment is how impressed I am with this .Text interface that Scott Watermasysk has put together.  Hats off to Scott W.