IIS FTP Basics–Week 44

You can find this week’s video here.

The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) protocol has been in wide use for years and is still widely used today. It's used for transferring files between locations and practically useful for deployment websites from a dev machine or continuous integration server to staging or production websites.

Microsoft IIS FTP has evolved over the years and the latest versions are particularly powerful. It now supports all standard functionality that you would expect from an FTP server, plus FTP over TLS (secure FTP), host headers, IIS Manager user permissions, IP restrictions, greatly improved isolation options, and more.

This week's video lesson is the start of a 4-week mini-series on IIS FTP. The four weeks will include:

  • Week 1: IIS FTP Basics
  • Week 2: IIS FTP and IIS Manager Users
  • Week 3: IIS FTP and User Isolation
  • Week 4: IIS FTP Firewall settings and Troubleshooting

This first week I cover installing IIS FTP on IIS 7.0 and 7.5, setting up the site, authentication and authorization, security, and other general FTP discussion.

This is now week 44 of a 52 week series for the web pro. You can view past and future weeks here: http://dotnetslackers.com/projects/LearnIIS7/

You can find this week’s video here.

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