Master the Developer and IT Pro job interviews like you would a game boss

Software developer and IT Pro job interviews can be a lot of fun when you’re prepared for them, but they can be scary and overwhelming when you’re not. Since this is regarding your job which you’ll spend 50% of your waking hours at during the week, the more at ease you are with the interviews, the better you’re going to be at landing your ideal job.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or newer to the field, you will benefit from brushing up on your interview skills.

Ben Weiss from Infusive Solutions showed me a creative resource to help prepare for job interviews. Yes, interviews with an ‘s’. There can be up to four interviews for a single job position (with Human Resources, Senior Developer, Software Manager, and the Chief Technology Officer), each of which require unique preparation and execution.

I don’t have an interview coming up but reading this almost made me want to prepare and see how I would do in an interview today.

SNAGHTML469531dbWhat makes this document unique is that it’s a lot of fun as it compares the process to preparing to take on one of the end of level bosses in your favorite game. Think Mario, Zelda or Duke Nukem. Each game boss requires different weapons or skills, making the analogy not only fun, but applicable too.

At the risk of getting off topic, have you seen the size comparison of Sci-Fi’s greatest machines and monsters? If not, check it out.

I was impressed with the document because it’s a nice  easy 17 page read which I felt was the right length to be a complete resource, but it wasn’t too long either. It also has links to other resources.

Ben and the other co-authors are trying to bring awareness to their companies. Ben helps software developers and IT pros with job placement in the Tri-state area. However, he agreed to place a link to the document that doesn’t ask for any of your information. The document is available as a free download without asking for anything in return.

If you have a job interview coming up I encourage you to download the PDF doc and check it out. Save it for later if needed. I believe that it will help you in your preparation in a fun and fully worthwhile way.

You can download it here.

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