Understanding DNS Zone Records–Web Pro Series–Week 2

Today I cover DNS Zone Records , part 2 of a 52 week series on a number of web technology related topics.  This is a “Level 101” video, covering what A, CNAME, MX, TXT records are, as well as the difference between a DNS Client and Server, and DNS wildcards.

If you missed last week’s opening lesson on troubleshooting using the Ping and Tracert tools, be sure to check it out.  All future videos can be found on the Web Pro Series landing page.

I must admit, I have a hard time keeping it within 10 minutes.  In fact, it’s still just over 11 minutes. I recorded reverse DNS records (PTR records) and some deeper dives into the zone files but had to cut it stay within my 10 minute goal.  I guess after a few videos I’ll learn to be more concise and hope to fit more within the same time period.

Understanding DNS Zone Records

Week 1 – Ping and Tracert tools
Week 3 – DNS – the Ultimate DNS Troubleshooting Tool

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