• Console2
    Firefox addins: Firebug, Web Developer

  • Here's a few off the top of my head:
    * TestDriven.NET
    * The holy trinity (NAnt, NUnit, NCover) although I'm favoring MbUnit lately
    * Subversion (I personally like having a local repository)
    * CC.NET (even for one man builds, I just like having it running and it comes in handy with demos and presentations on CI)
    * TortoiseSVN
    * Ankh or that other VS addin for hooking up to Subversion repositories from inside VS
    * Team Explorer (if you need to hook up to TFS)

    I have a bunch others and been meaning to post an entry on setting up a new developer machine (6 months in I had to re-image my existing 9400 but I'm getting a new M90 with 4GB in about a week)

  • Windows XP SP2 or Vista?

    If Vista, x32 or x64?

  • I've recently started using Launchy, and I love it.

  • Recently dropped Free Download Manager in favor of the DownThemAll Firefox addon. Much faster and works correctly with SourceForge (FDM doesn't).

  • You misplaced the LiveWriter add-ons under Live Messenger

  • I second the 7-Zip recommendation, much better program.

  • I use TClockEx instead of MemInfo. It lets you show the memory load without having to hover, and you can customize the date and time too. (And like MemInfo, it's free.)

  • No local SQL server? I find it invaluable for offline hacking in the coffee shop.

  • Nice set of tools..
    Although i would rather use Quicktime Alternative

  • How can you live without Beyond Compare? Espessially if you are using SVN.

    Honerable mentions I also have others have mentioned a few of these:

    Console2 (don't forget to set up Console Here on your right click menu in explorer)

    Testdriven.Net (!)

    NAnt - however do you build without it? Also great to automate other tasks.

    Consolas Font - much better than the default courier stuff.

    IEDev Toolbar - great stuff for Web devs. Although if you are using FixFox Firebug seems to be all this and more.

    Fiddler2 - WOW! Awesome tool... now with videos on line that actually show you how to use it's goodness.

    Reflector - don't write .Net code without it.

    DbGhost - I can't work without it anymore. Awesome change management for databases.

    Lookout - I still prefer it to search email in outlook to Google Desktop!!! Wish MS didn't orphan it.

    Plaxo.com - excellent tool to sync Contacts/Calendars between PC's, etc.


  • ClipMate (most useful clipboard extender ever the end)
    Trillian and Skype to stay in touch

  • cygwin for linux junkies like me

  • putty
    google earth

  • Minesweeper :P hehehehehe

  • AVG Free
    Zone Alarm Free

  • Cannot believe you chose Office 2007 when there is OpenOffice from OpenOffice.org

    Free open source, but will export in M$ Office formats for those who are stuck to that paradigm

  • A Linux distro containing replacements for most of your list.

  • On any computer that I work more than 10 minutes I install Total Commander

  • I haven't tried Notepad2, but I use Notepad++ all the time. It has sytax highlighting for a ton of languages, code collapsing (at least in XML), macros, regex searching, and the list goes on. highly recommended, from 1 geeky jew to another :)

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