Thoughts on Favre's Consecutive Games Played Streak

I still owe a post on the Packers crushing defeat of the dreaded Cowboys in week 7.  However, thanks to the website for this information, which puts Favre's streak into perspective.

NOTHER ELECTION PUTS STREAK IN PERSPECTIVE: Since Brett Favre launched his 196-game starting streak Sept. 27, 1992, people have moved from cassettes to CDs and 1 billion people went "on-line." The streak has encompassed the rise and fall of Martha Stewart, Beanie Babies, Ross Perot, Celine Dion and Y2K. Over the last 12-plus years, The Bridges of Madison County, The Client and Cold Mountain have gone from the best-seller list to the big screen to the video rental store. And, sandwiched within the streak are the O.J. Simpson trial, the first and last episodes of NBC's hit series Friends and Bill Clinton's two terms in office.

-In fact, next week will mark the fourth time during Favre's streak Americans have gone to the polls to vote for President. Clinton defeated George Bush (1992), won a second term over Bob Dole and Ross Perot (1996), and George W. Bush beat Al Gore (2000).


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