ASP.NET Whidbey Blog Controls at PDC

Nikhil and Andrew Lin have been working on some cool new Blogging controls for Whidbey in preparation for Nikhil's Building ASP.NET Server Controls talks at the PDC (WSV 401 and WSV 402).  Specifically, they are building a BlogDataSource control that demonstrates how to write a new ASP.NET Whidbey DataSource control (which will mean that any standard ASP.NET control will be able to declaratively databind against it -- no code required), as well as a BlogEntryView control that enables easy creation and editing of blog entries (including a cool out of band server callback scenario for spell checking).

The talks will use these controls (and a text editor control that will be built in the first talk -- and then used to build the BlogEntry control in the second) to explain and walkthrough some of the cool ASP.NET Control runtime and design-time features new in Whidbey.  Should be a fun set of talks -- and a must for any control developers out there.



  • Are these controls going to be in the Whidbey release? or only used in these presentations? They sound interesting, hope we get to try them out!

  • Hi Chad,

    These specific controls will be available as separate downloads -- although you'll be able to use standard ASP.NET controls (in the box) to databind against the BlogDataSource.

    Hope this helps,


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