The PDC was a Blast...

I just returned to Seattle from the PDC in LA (I ended up staying an extra day to present to the local .NET User Group on Whidbey Thursday night).

The conference was a stunning success and a lot of fun.  The ASP.NET Whidbey sessions had great attendance (I had overflow in my overview talk on Monday, even though the room had 2,400 seats).  The evals from the 20 ASP.NET Whidbey talks have been outstanding -- people clearly loved the content.

The best part of course was talking with developers from all over the world.  The ask the experts session on Tuesday night was my favorite.  I brought along my laptop and spent about 5 hours coding up answers to questions from folks as we all sat around a small table and talked about the various projects/ideas we were working on.  Totally fun -- you can never do activities like that enough. 

It is informal jam sessions like those, and seeing the excitement in the eyes of people as you use the new product in front of them, that make spending thousands and thousands of hours working on a long multi-year product cycle worth-while.  I left LA totally amped and energized to finish Whidbey and ship this baby out the door.


  • Your presentation on monday was awesome and inspirational. I am configuring an internal forum at my company so our team can learn and discuss about all the cool new features in Whidbey and how to best take advantage of this.

    Our product is an e learning tool and im ashamed to say still using isapi and javascript. i wrote a pilot project in 1.1 which was very fun now we need to convince the rest of the group its SOOO much easier and with Whidbey even better


  • Your stepping in at the ASP.NET 2 BOF was great. There was such a large group of interested folks, it is great you stepped in to answer questions. There were other BOF sessions cancelled that night because the presenter was not there. That you (as the MS face of ASP.NET, to a large extent) were there and took up the slack is what makes the ASP.NET team the best at MS (in my experience).

    Thanks for everything. It was a great PDC!

  • Thanks for some great presentations! I really enjoyed your talks and seeing what developer enhancements have occurred in Whidbey.

    I do have a quick question for you...

    I have a question regarding the default button example you gave (during the tips & tricks talk). Can you have multiple default buttons set on the same page? In the example, you set up the defaultbutton property on the form itself. If you go back to the example you gave with the calendar and the search textbox/button would it be possible to set the calendar's textbox to be associated with the button underneath the calendar and then to have the search textbox's default button to hit the "search" button?

    Also, has SmartNavigation been taken out of Whidbey? It was a little buggy in v.1 and I haven't heard anything about it for Whidbey.


  • Scott,

    I'm bummed that I didn't get a chance to hang out with you this time. Great talks! We'll keep you guys motivated, right bloggers?? Of course we will!

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