• Thanks for the Hands on Lab. As i was not able to attend the PDC. I am struck staring helplessly at the worderful improvements/changes in ASP.NET 2.0 without able try those.

    Any help on this??



  • In the dotnetrocks interview you talked about a list with 101 things about asp.net whidbey. Do you know when it will come up?

  • Thanks, Scott. Most of what I read so far about Whidbey sounds great. Can't wait until the beta comes. I'm just about to order "A first look at ASPNET v 2.0" to fulfil some of my needs. :)

  • Great stuff, but do you know when and where (if?) the rest of the HOLs will be available? I know that due to time constraints at the conference I skipped most HOLs because I thought I could go through them once I got home, but so far I've only seen the ASP.NET ones..

  • Never mind, I just found out that all HOLs are available on the mymsevents.com site, along with all the slidedecks (some of which are not on the msdn presentation site)

  • Dear Scott,

    We are a small software development shop using the latest .Net technology. We have been trying to get our hands on an Alpha Whidbey version since we saw it at the last presentation in LA, so far without success. How could we get a copy, please advise?

    Thanks, a few .Net enthusiasts from Orange County –

    Patrick, John, Stan and Jim


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