My Longer Web Project System Post Delayed Slightly...

I promised to try and post a more in-depth blog entry on the new web project system in my last post on the weekend:

Unfortunately I ate something I shouldn't have on my trip back from vacation and have been down for the count the last 36 hours. new ETA for a post is a little later this week.

Sorry for the delay!

- Scott



  • Health is more important than a web project :-)

    Take care

  • Classic. But Scott could just shoot straight- his posts are worth waiting for regardless. I ate just lacks originality. He's proabably buring the oil trying to cut some build on time or keep the family happy.

    That or he's sitting in a foreign jail waiting for MS lawyers to appear :)

    Hire an assistant Scott. Then all you have to do is proof your blog posts.


  • My manager would disagree :-(

  • I decided to save you the gory details of the food poisoning incident in the interests of good taste... ;-)

    I am fairly far along in writing the post -- it is about 10 pages in word right now, so it is pretty lengthy (but I think really good). I am going to get it posted this weekend once I finish up a little more content.

    Hope this helps,


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