• When is this planned to be released?

  • Hi A VS 2005 Fan,

    You can actually download it now from the second link above.

    Hope this helps,


  • Excellent work guys!

  • First , thanks for your informative articles Scott; you've helped me tremendously.

    Secondly, Is there a solution for having the build number auto increment? Quite handy for the testers.



  • hi,

    Any option to include XML documentation?  It seems to be missing from the default VS 2005 gui for web projects.


  • Hi Adam,

    VS 2005 Web Application Projects support XML documentation. VS 2005 Web Site Projects don't -- but if you migrate to a web application project you will be all set.

    Details on how to migrate a web site project to be a web application project can be found here: http://webproject.scottgu.com

    Hope this helps,


  • As a new addendum.

    If the bin directory contains:


    It works. That means "Web Deployment" uncheck "Treat as library component"

    But that's not going to help if I need to merge this set of code with another set on the same website unless you can merge multiple versions of that file into a single file.

  • I was able to get it to change the confSource for the connectionStrings section with no problem, but I am having trouble doing the same with the customErrors section. Is this because it is not at the root level like connectionStrings is? Is there a work around for this?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Rich,

    Can you send me an email with the syntax you are trying to use for the customErrors section?



  • Hi, PLS can somebody post here the current link for download ? The link at the top is not functional :(

  • Hi Martin,

    The link on MSDN was broken temporarily. You can find it here now: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/asp.net/aa336619.aspx

    Hope this helps,


  • G'day all,
    Looks really impressive - is there any way to implement this in Visual Web Developer Express? Or is it only available to the full blown Vis Studio?

  • Never mind me...I just read the fine print at the bottom of the msdn download link: "Note: Web Deployment Projects are not supported in Visual Web Developer Express Edition." :P
    Cheers anyway

  • Has the WDP broken Profile issue been fixed with the new SP1 of visual studio?

  • Hi Joshua,

    If you generate the app_code.compiled file, then you shouldn't have a problem using the Profile API with a web deployment project.



  • I know but i wish to upload multiple dll's to the same bin folder and dont want to generate the app_code.compiled file. I want the box "checked"

  • Ok, so i see we can merge the whole website to a single dll, or multiple dlls by folder or each page. so if i want to finish a website, and make some pages/controls editable with source code, and others not(by just using the dll), is this a possibilty? or is it an all or nothing deal, which it seems at first glance? thanks!

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