"CSS Properties Window" Download Available for VS 2005

One of the process things we've been doing on our team lately has been to provide an opportunity for team members to spend time building and shipping personal projects that enhance the core shipping products.  On the updated www.asp.net site that we launched last month, we created a "Sandbox" tab that provides an outlet for team members to make these projects available to the public.  Over time you'll start to see more and more projects appear there that you can take advantage of with web development.

Today we posted the first download of a new CSS Properties Window on the Sandbox tab that you can install on top of VS 2005 to get richer CSS editing and management support.  Much richer CSS designer support is a big investment we are making for the next release of Visual Studio.  The CSS Properties Window download provides some early support that you can use today, as well as an opportunity to give feedback on the exact feature-set you'd like to see with CSS going forward.

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