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Dave Wanta has created an awesome site dedicated to all things relating to System.Net.Mail -- the new email API that ships with .NET 2.0. 

You can visit it here.  Definitely a site to bookmark if you have questions on sending email programmatically.

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  • Hello Scott,

    I have been using VWD since Beta 2 release and I recently ported my application to the Standard edition. All my data controls like Grid View, Details and Form View are displaying the data from SQL Server 2005 db, but they wont allow me to update or delete any of the records. The postback happens but the records are not updated and it cannot be a problem with the database because if I try to update through SQL queries it works. Any suggestions or ideas???

    Looking forward to your reply.

  • Hmm...still seems very shallow compared to the incredible depth offered by CDOSYS. I'm somewhat puzzled as to why a lot of the power and functionality of CDOSYS is continally hidden in the System.Web.Mail namespace.

  • Hi Sriram,

    Just to understand -- did your application work with Beta2 and then break when you moved to RTM? Or have you never had the insert behavior work?

    If you want to send me mail directly (, I can help you out.



  • Hi Charles,

    System.Web.Mail was a shallow wrapper on top of CDOSYS (designed to make a few simple scenarios super easy without having to resort to COM interop -- which you can do to get all of CDOSYS).

    System.Net.Mail is the start of a new email stack that is 100% managed.

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  • Right, Scott, but the real question is why System.Net.Mail is still neutered compared to CDOSYS. Why can't we have the best of both worlds without using the interop (in other words, you would think that a newer version of an existing mail library would contain all of the existing functionality + addtional functionality/cleaner API)?

    Is it agrred that System.Net.Mail is certainly a step above System.Web.Mail, but still lacking in comparison to CDOSYS?

    If so, then it begs the question why we can't get a real, fully managed code implementation of CDOSYS (or similar feature set).

  • Hi Charles,

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you -- I've been on vacation the last 2 weeks and fell behind on email.

    Do you have a list of the specific features you are after? I don't know too much about the plans for System.Net.Mail (it isn't my team that builds it), but I'd be happy to forward your feature request onto the team that owns it.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi,

    Is there anyway to receive emails using api?

    Azeem Fraz.

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