Free ASP.NET 2.0 + SQL Express 30 Day Hosting Offer

In case you weren't aware of it, you can build and upload an ASP.NET 2.0 web-site using SQL server for free using this service:  In addition to ASP.NET 2.0 support, it also provides built-in support for uploading SQL Express databases (which you can download as an optional component with the free Visual Web Developer).

You can also then use this link on the site to find a permanent hoster.  The hoster page lets you filter by country as well as price-point.  Some hosters are now offering ASP.NET 2.0 + SQL Server hosting for less than $5 a month. 

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  • Czech Republic is just a small country but we have at least 2 good free ASP.NET 2.0 hostings. Slovak Republic, our sibling, also have couple of them.

    Your post sounds like that the 30 day offer is something great which is quite weird to me when there are at least 4 good free services in my small country.

  • Hi David,

    We have a SQL Express uploading tool currently in beta that any hoster is able to use (we are working with about 2 dozen hosters to test it). Once it finishes the beta period we are going to be *very* aggresive promoting it and encourage everyone to offer it.

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  • Hi Eric,

    My comment to James a few years ago was related to the fact that one of the things that made PHP more attractive to a lot of web developers was the fact that it was possible to get cheap web hosting -- much cheaper than the ASP.NET equivalent. We heard this a lot from customers who wanted low-price offerings for home and hobbyst use.

    One of the things we have done over the last few years is worked with hosters to fix some of the licensing issues they had (specifically around SQL server pricing), as well as worked to increase the number of sites that can be hosted on a single box, and improved diagnostics to lower TCO. The result is the ability for hosters to optionally offer cheap offerings that matched their PHP/Linux equivalents -- and ensured that hosting price is no longer a reason to choose something other than ASP.NET if you absolutely want to pay as little as possible for a basic hosting account.

    As you say above, the service quality you might get for $5 a month will be a lot less than what hosters offering $15-20 a month offer (you'll also probably get less bandwidth, SQL and file storage). Developers should think hard about the quality of service guarentees they want, and the level of service they require.

    Clearly you wouldn't want to run a mission critical business application on a $5 shared host server account. However, if you have a site you are just trying out (or sharing with friends) and want to use it to program or blog for fun -- then having low-price offerings is something that is attractive.

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  • image filepaths

    This is probably a very simple uestion but I would appreciate some help.

    I have recently uploaded my site to for testing and everything works
    fine except for the image file paths in the database.

    The file manager shows a file path of

    d:/users/terryito-1 / ProductImages /Chair.jpg

    i have tried the above and every combination i can think of including
    /terryito-1 / ProductImages /Chair.jpg (With and without the spaces) but I cannot
    get the images to load.

    Does anyone have any ideas

    many thanks


  • Hi Martin,

    Are you trying to load the images on the server-side, or create urls back to the images from the html on the client?



  • Regarding WebHostForASP, I've been with them for about 3 months now and my site has been down several times each week. They have no means of monitoring their servers and there are clients on them abusing them. It's too bad that don't because they would be a good value. We are having to move our site off now. Just thought I would try to save anyone else the trouble.

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