Atlas “How Do I?” Video Series Begins

Earlier this spring we published a really popular series of short, focused, online ASP.NET videos that we called the “How Do I?” series.  The series walked through how to use Visual Web Developer to take advantage of the cool new ASP.NET 2.0 features like Master Pages, Membership, Role Management, Profiles, 3-tier Data Access, Themes, Web Parts, etc.

If you haven’t watched these videos yet, I'd highly recommend setting aside an hour or two to review them all (each video is only 10-15 minutes long).  They are a really great way to quickly obtain a very good understanding of the new ASP.NET 2.0 features and how they all fit together.  You can watch each video online for free here.

The series was so popular that we asked Joe Stagner to join the ASP.NET team fulltime to help us produce even more.  Our plan is to have him publish a brand new ASP.NET “How Do I?” video on the web-site each week going forward from now on.

The first set of videos that Joe is building out will cover how to use Atlas to build Ajax applications with ASP.NET.   This week he published the first two videos on this:

You can watch them both on the site from this page.  Make sure to check back each week to watch new videos as they get published.

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P.S. For other good Atlas Samples + Tutorials, please read my previous post on Atlas Tutorials + Samples here.

P.P.S. AlanL from Vertigo has been posting some really nice tutorials on how to use some of the controls within the Atlas Control Toolkit.  I’d recommend checking out these two great posts to read: Atlas: Creating Better Looking Checkboxes with the ToggleButtonExtender and Atlas: Creating a Confirmation Using the ModalPopup Extender



  • Nice tutorials indeed. Can we have a few good CSS tutorials in paging. ( with and without atlas )I have seen really very good css examples in Paging( rollovers, many different patterns etc.) It will be great to know how to incorporate CSS in Paging.

  • The first set of videos are fantastic. I watched them quite a while ago. They are so much more informative than "end-game" example solution files. I am really looking forward to the weekly additions. Fantastic idea!

  • Hi,
    I was using atlas with webparts. I have 2 calendars in two webparts and when I click on a date in one calendar, the entire page refreshes?.

    Any reasons why that might happen?
    I have made the entries in web.config too.

    I get the desired behavior of not refreshing the entire page when i put the "AllowPartialRendering=true" in script manager tag. Is that necessary?. Because when i used the autocomplete control of atlas, I did not use this attribute but it still worked?


  • Hi Chetan,

    Do you have a simple .zip sample you could send me via email that shows the problem you are having? I can then help with it.



  • Great videos. Is it possible to download the images and css file for the Todo List video that is currently in top spot on the page?

  • Hi Guy,

    If you send me email I can email the CSS and images to you.



  • Great tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Scott,
    where can I download the CSS that you use in Scott's todo list video?

    thank you

  • Hi Flipe,

    If you want to send me an email I'd be happy to email it to you.

    Hope this helps,


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