IIS 7.0 on the MSDN .NET Show

Bill Staples and I did an interview with the MSDN .NET Show about IIS 7.0 that was just published yesterday.  You can watch it online for free here.  In addition to about 30 minutes of discussions about the new features and architecture are 30 minutes of demos.

As I've blogged in the past, IIS 7.0 is a major, major update and improvement to the overall Microsoft web platform stack.  You are going to see a lot more information published about it over the next few weeks as the first broad beta of IIS7 becomes available (it is included in Windows Vista Beta2). 

Watch the video (and read my previous blog post) to learn more now.

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  • Simply awesome! IIS7 on Vista (even home edition), delegation, HttpModules, asp.net style configuration files, diagnostics, ... excuse me while I wipe the drool from my desk.

    Also, I'm beginning to feel a strange kinship with IIS administrators. Might that be because you manage both programs?

  • It's great to see more information (in terms of hands-on presentations) on IIS 7.0. It's one of the most promising releases from many perspectives.

    The extensibility in IIS 7.0 finally enables .NET developers to participate throughout the entire pipeline of Http request (by means of deploying IHttpHandlers and HttpModules).

    I completely agree with the statement that the new framework will spawn an entire new ecosystem focused on delivering rich custom handlers and modules.

    The company I work for is primarily focused on enterprise web frameworks and solutions for large corporate customers, and as such authentication (typically single sign-on) is always a key part of the design. The ability to add your own custom authentication scheme on top of i.e. other web server products (such as Windows Sharepoint Server 2007), enables the developer to write clean solutions instead of implementing workarounds.

    I wish Longhorn Server would be out sooner :-)

  • Hi Scott,

    Will IIS 7's FTP server support FTPS (SSL over the FTP channel)?

    I just ask because I know it has been a constant annoyance for our prod team with IIS 6. In fact they just installed a 3rd party FTP server supporting FTPS on our prod IIS 6 servers. Note that .NET 2 already supports the client side of FTPS. FtpWebRequest has an option to use SSL.

    I dont know if you have has a chance to checkout PowerShell yet, but it would be great to see a cmdlet version of IIS 7 AppCmd. I am sure 90% of the code would be the same, but a cmdlet would probably be easier than directly scripting via AppCmd returning text, and more powerful than scripting against WMI.

    As the general manager, you should at least make sure Bill or someone is looking at this, even if it comes out as an add-on after Visa/Longhorn server.



  • Hi David,

    We are going to be releasing a new FTP server in the Longhorn Server timeframe that supports FTPS (along with several other improvements).

    We are also going to be providing a PowerShell cmdlet going forward. The reason that we appcmd is not a cmdlet today is because PowerShell doesn't ship directly in the operating system, and we heard feedback from people who wanted to make sure there was a command-line story without haing to install anything extra on the box. But the architecture we use is very flexible, so providing a cmdlet wrapper should hopefully be relatively straight forward.

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  • The link to play the video doesn't work in Firefox on my Mac. I would have thought that with Visual Studio 2005's aupport for "all modern browsers" and all the hard work that went in to make that such a huge success to us in the development community that things would start being less confined to IE6 (particular since it is years and years old). I even have WMP installed and the thing STILL didn't work.

  • Hi Russ,

    I'm not sure why the video isn't working (I only did the interview and not the production of it -- so don't have control over the backend video format). I'll follow up to see if I can figure out why it isn't working.



  • Hi Mark,

    Yep -- you will be able to re-write a URL in C# and then pass it to classic ASP (or even PHP).

    Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to-do this pre-IIS7. You can do somethings like * mapping all requests to ASP.NET -- but some of the more advanced scenarios like full url-rewriting will unfortunatley need IIS7.

    Hope this helps,


  • David,

    On 21 May you mentioned your prod team installed a 3rd party FTP server supporting FTPS on your prod IIS 6 servers.
    Can you tell me which product this was?
    Thanks & BfN,

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