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For tons of other cool Atlas samples and content also make sure to check out this slightly older blog post from me about Atlas content here.

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  • Scott...  do you have any recommendations for places to get help *other* than the forums on Like for instance I have this problem that I cannot find someone else who has had this problem:   With IE6 on the link with my name up there, when i do something within the UpdatePanel, all my background images on the whole page get re-drawn...  and i can tell that for sure the page is not posting back...  complicating issues is that Firefox works perfectly fine

  • Hi Steve,

    I think the issue you are running into is the CSS flicker one I talked about here:

    This is an IE6 specific issue that doesn't seem to happen with IE7 or FireFox.

    My blog link above has a few suggestions on how to fix this.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Scott,

    I heard that Anthem.Net is good compared to Atlas.Is that true.Should we use Anthem.Net or Atlas.


    S.Srinivasa Raghavan

  • Today I created a web site with atlas and the update panel for searching a database of terms for physical education, we call them word walls.  What a performance boost the updata panel gave the site, Thanks for this great tool. Now what I would like to do is use the autocompleteextender to the same database instead of the list box control. I am having a problem with the asmx file talking to the database and create a usable array in the web service to the database.  Can you point to any good examples in  I have placed a post in the forums, with no help there.

  • Any recommendations for links on how to get one's controls to play nice with Atlas. I'm trying to get my FreeTextBox control to work with an UpdatePanel, but I've only worked with hand-written AJAX. Thanks!

  • Hi John,

    The Atlas Forums (on are probably the best place to ask questions. If you want to send me email directly I can also help you out if you have issues with your control.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Scott40,

    Can you send me an email with a pointer to your post on the forums? I can then help you out.



  • Hi S.Srinivasa,

    Anthem.NET is also a very good AJAX framework for ASP.NET. I think you'll find that Atlas does more than Anthem, but I've also heard people have really nice things to say about Anthem too.



  • Scott thanks for the posts that have been enlightening all along. I've been using ATLAS for mainly playing around getting comfortable with it and the like. I then decided to try and use it in a project but I've run into problems. First of all, everytime I add a new Atlas control to my pages VS asks me if I want to replace Ms.Web.Atlas.dll; then trying to run the pages I've discovered that buttons placed inside an Atlas container like the update panel are throwing exceptions about MSJscript missing or null or someother error of the sort but if you just move out the button it works. I've tried clearing $WIN\MSNetFramework Temp files and the $USER\applicationsettings...websitecache with the project closed but reloading creates the same problem [This was because first time around it gave me a JScript file that was compiled automatically at run time as the source of the error]. Creating a new page in the same project and copying all the components across from the problematic page and the code behind is a walk around but I believe there has to be a better/easier way if I have over 40pages in the project...

  • Hi Scott, I watched Video about AtlasToolKit. Following the sample to created a date picker for my application; I added a panel, added a UpdatePanel inside the Panel, a PopupExtender insite the updatePanel, then I added a Calenar inside the updatePanel. When my page is up, when I click the Calendar, I got a javascript error "sys.application.findObject(..)' is null or not an object".   Only difference between the sample and my  code is that I put my code inside a usercountrol, not directly in the host page. Is it a bug of the extender? Any advice? Thank you very much. Hua

  • hi scott, i read one of your links above (convert an existing website to atlas website)...after going through the instructions, i added a master page and added scriptmanager to it. after that, i added a user control to the project and added a updatepanel and a treeview inside the updatepanel. tehn i dragged the usercontrol on the master page and tried to run the website.i got the following error: The UpdatePanel 'UpdatePanel1' was not present when the page's InitComplete event was raised. This is usually caused when an UpdatePanel is placed inside a template. But if i create a new atlas website and then do the above steps, i dont get any errors, and it runs fine. we are missing something as far as conversion is concerned. would really appreciate your help. thanks! saumin

  • Is it possible to set a trigger on one update panel when a control inside another update panel fires an event?

    Because I seem to be having problems doing that.  

  • How do you link the "UpdateProgress" control to "UpdatePanels"?

    In other words, I want a seperate "UpdateProgress" control for every "UpdatePanel" that I have.

    I would like to query multiple databases asyncronously and as the queries return, have each update panel show up with the content that was found.

    Could someone help me out or point me in the right direction?

  • Hi Jules,

    You should be able to-do that. If you want to send me a simple sample that shows the problem I can try and investigate more if you want.



  • Hi Jules,

    Currently an control is associated with every control on the page.

    We are looking at providing more flexibility in a future drop that allows you to associate different controls with different

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Hua,

    Can you post this question in the Atlas Control Toolkit Forum:

    There should be some folks who can help you there.



  • Hi Bobby,

    We are looking to make an updated Atlas drop in the next week or two. It will have a number of bug-fixes, as well as add support for using the control within dynamically loaded controls (including WebParts).

    Nice tutorial btw! That looks great.



  • Hi Scott,

    I am trying to use Atlas in our projects. I checked Atlas Control ToolKit in different browsers, but I find it does not support Opera browser. Could you tell me whether you tested it on Opera? Or it does not support it at all.



  • Hi Gary,

    Unfortunately Opera support isn't there yet with the current build of Atlas. We are looking to add it in a future build, but for now IE and FireFox are the two fully supported browsers, with Safari supporting everything but the UpdatePanel (and this control will support Safari fully later this summer).

    Hope this helps,


  • I am trying to insert a calendar control in the Edit template of a formview which is inside an update panel.
    When I do that, it gives me a "The UpdatePanel 'UpdateCalendarPanel' was not present when the page's InitComplete event was raised. This is usually caused when an UpdatePanel is placed inside a template"
    If I try to remove the internal UpdateCalendarPanel, it gives me a "Assertion Failed: Unrecognized tag atlascontroltoolkit:popupControlBehavior"
    I have also tried another third party pop up calendar that does'nt work either. Please advice.

  • Hi Nikita,

    I believe you are running into a limitation of the April Atlas CTP which doesn't allow update-panels to be used with dynamically loaded controls.

    The good news is that the June CTP of Atlas is coming out tomorrow (Friday June 30th) and will support this. Can you try upgrading to the June CTP to see if this fixes it?



  • Another nice thing that could be done with progress updates/cascading dropdownlists is changing the combo text to Loading..., I used to do this when I started with AJAX 4 years ago with my own htc based cascading combos.
    I wonder if it's supported by the cascadingdropdowns in the atlas control toolkit already (never checked...)

  • Is it possible to set a trigger on one update panel when a control inside another update panel in another usercontrol fires an event?



  • Hi Ueslei,

    Yes -- I believe that is possible. What you'd want todo is to raise an event from your user-control (so publish an event property that fires when the control inside it fires). I think you can then set the trigger on that.

    Hope this helps,


  • Can you add our "Beginning AJAX with ASP.NET" book? It has over 100 pages of Atlas content. The link to it on Amazon is

    Also, I have done a webcast on Atlas. It is at

  • This is usually caused when an UpdatePanel is placed inside a template.

    Still getting this error using the latest Atlas :-(

  • What about using the UpdatePanel with dynamically created controls within it? I can't get this to work. I've simplified my scenario to make describing it easier:

    1) Master Page has the script manager and update panel surrounding one content placeholder.

    2) Site page that uses the master page has no declarative controls

    3) Site page dynamically creates and places two textboxes onto the form.

    4) one textbox is set to autopostback=true, and codebehind sets the value of the second textbox

    When I browse the above page, in IE I get an "unknown error."

    When I browse the above page, in Firefox I don't get an error, but the second textbox does not have it's value changed.

    In both cases (IE and Firefox) the code behind event DOES occur and the second textbox does have it's value changed. No errors in the codebehind.

    Can you help?

  • Hi Travis,

    Can you send me a simple .zip file with the repro via email ( I can then have someone look at it.



  • As it turns out, I had one thing I failed to mention, and that is that the page had links to external JavaScript and CSS files.

    Removing those made Atlas work as expected.

    I was able to add them back in, but I had to make sure that Atlas got inserted first. Meaning I had to change the way I added the script and css links.

  • I am facing error like "unknown error" when i am using updatepanel,

    I put GridView control and List box control under updatepanel now this grid and list box are related when I select any item from list box it will bind grid with new data now when do without update panel it works fine but when i am using update panel it is giving error like "unknown error" in javascript popup..
    let ke know youyou know why this thing happening...


  • Hi Bhavesh,

    Can you try turning off partial updating by setting EnablePartialRendering="false" on the ScriptManager control? This will help you identify whether the issue might be specific to your page.



  • I have the same problem. The error says that control set in triggers is invalid, probably because update panel can't see it, using controls on master page works, on placeholder it doesn't. I think the only way is to create update panel dynamically but I don't know how to build contenttemplate from code.
    Plese answer on

  • Hi Scott
    I have the same issue as Bhavesh. If I set EnablePartialRendering="false" the page works fine. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can look for from here?


  • Hi Eben,

    If you want to .zip up a small sample and send it to me via email I can take a look for you.



  • Hi Scott,
    I would like to inform you that I set EnablePartialRendering="false" the page works fine. But whole page refreshed....also i am facing "un known" error in other pages so pls if you know specific solution to get it out from this "un known" error pls let me know..



  • Hi Bhavesh,

    It is hard to know what the problem is without seeing your code. If you want to email me a simple .zip file showing just that issue, I can try to figure it out.



  • HI Scott,

    I got the same thing going on with the updatepanel flashing with popup extender for calendar.

    works fine without master as per the atlas sample, when it is placed in updatepanel, calendar flashes on preload, i have tried, css file, xhtmlconformance tag removal from web.config.

    can you please help me out


  • I had a weird problem with an "unknown error" in javascript using the updatepanel with a calendar to populate a textbox.
    I finally found the problem and it was that at a separate place in my own javascript functions (that was never called by the calendar) i was using the && operator for comparing two items, as soon as i removed that the page worked fine.
    Don't know if it'll help you guys but worth a try.
    Cheers, /Johan

  • atlas Resouces given on this page is really helpfull to me
    thanks scott

  • Hi Scott...
    I'm facing the same problem with Bhavesh here. I'm using Atlas ControlToolkit on my site. First, I thought it was because the Microsoft.Atlas.dll from default VS 2005 and the Microsoft.Atlas.dll from AtlasControlToolkit is in different version. As soon as I add the latest version, it seems work fine. But sometimes the "unknown error" message is comeback again. And i stressed to know the root cause is. Is there any compatible issue between Atlas and AtlasControlToolkit?
    Thx anyway

  • Hi Kian,

    Are you using the most recent build of ASP.NET AJAX? From the description above it sounds like you are using an older version.



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