Red-Gate SQL Query Intellisense Tool (Free Download)

I've seen a lot of people rave about Red-Gate's SQL tools in the past.  They provide a really nice set of tools that are well worth spending sometime to check out.

They have a promotional offer available now where you can download their new SQL Prompt Intellisense tool for free until September 1st (note: it does not timebomb after that date -- so you can use it forever).  This tools provides intellisense completion for writing SQL queries and looks very useful:

You can learn more about it and download it for free here.

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  • I've used this - it's purty neat!!

  • This is an interesting tool, but people should evaluate it pretty carefully...

    It runs as a separate process, since QA doesn't really support a plug-in model. That means it presents an icon in the desktop tray and runs even when QA doesn't.

    The first time you connect to a database, you'll need to set up a connection in the Prompt tool. You can set up databases on the same server to use the same credentials if you want, but each time you use a server for the first time you'll get kicked out of QA into the Prompt connection manager to connect.

    Finally, it seems a little brittle to me. Changing table or view aliases after resolving the suggestion list the first time seems to confuse the product, and using an alias for a table or view that is the only one included in a query doesn't seem to work all the time.

    HOWEVER - it is a great idea, and it is a very useful tool. I also personally recommend Apex SQL Edit - it's a good tool with auto-completion and supports fun things like unit testing, integrated source control and other fun things. Not a commercial endorsement, just an avid fan and user.

  • I've always been frustrated that when I press Ctrl-Space in SQL Query Analyzer it doesn't do syntax completion like Visual Studio does. Well, now it does...

  • SQL Prompt only work with English language versions of SQL Server

  • Scott, I don't know how to thank you !!!. This is what I was looking for in so many time .... This is just Great. Thanks

  • This tool worked nicely in SQL Server Management Studio, and performed all the tricks shown in that animated gif.  Except one: when I type PRINT @@ I don't get any intellisense.  P.S. I think the objections expressed in a few of the other comments are a bunch of hooey.  I'm definitely going to get benefit from this tool.

  • hi scott,

    thanks for the link.

    the tool works great with sql server management studio.

    it definitely is gonna help me for sure.

    as for the marketing problem as written above by paul,well i would only say there is no free lunch ! u can always give fake info to register ! ! !

  • Is this tool, used for local databases only or for the databases existing on the servers as well. Because i could not observe the intellisense when i used it on the server.

  • I have tried Prompt Sql 1.2 in the past. It costed USD 25.00 It was a bit flaky. Its SQLPrompt now.

    Now I see the same product packaged with Red Gate Logo with a slightly different Options screen. I wonder when Microsoft with release a true intellisense SQL Editor.

    Otherwise, its good as long as its free....

  • Yep, it works for remote databases, too. Even worked for me over the internet, no less. You may need to be enable tcpip to the database, or start typing a query and hit ctrl-space. Then you'll get a prompt to log into your remote database.

    I thought it was cool how it auto-completed inner joins with the relevant keys/foreign keys.

  • I have been using RedGate SQL tools for about 2 years now and I love them. I found out about this tool in one of their newsletters. The newsletter indicated that it was purchased technology, that RedGate will work over and charge for later. So, don't delay, get it now. As soon as I tried it out, I was hooked. I shared it with everyone in my office and everyone has had nothing but raves so far.  

  • A nice tool to fill the gap between now and the RTM of the LINQ project :)

  • I am speechless... this should have been around a long time ago...  Thanks for the link.

  • Hi there,

    A comment above states that SQL-Prompt will only work in English versions of the Query Analizer only. Is that True? I tried it in my Spanish QA and it's not working.

    Thanks you

  • BTW, SQL Prompt version 2 was free, new version 3 cost $195 per license.
    Thank you

  • Does anybody have the Version 2. Can anyone share it please. I had it on my disk and my partitions got messed-up. so dont have the HDD anymore.
    appreciate if anyone can help on this.

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