Free SQL Server Training Videos (and other good data tutorial pointers)

Today on the site we posted a great new "How Do I?" video series focused on SQL Server 2005 Express (which you can download and use completely for free). 

The series features 13 professional videos that start at the very beginning and then explore designing tables/schemas, using data types, creating SPROCs, using reporting services and the business intelligence engine, enabling full text search across your data, and more (I'm guessing even most devs with a lot of data experience might learn some new things from the reporting services and full text search videos):

You can download or watch the the SQL Training videos online for free here.

In case you missed my posts on uploading a SQL Express or SQL Server Database into a remote hosting environment, I also highly recommend going back and reading these two posts:

Earlier this summer I also posted a popular blog post topic that provides 100s of sample database schemas you can download and use within your applications:

And finally (and perhaps most importantly), make sure to check out Scott Mitchell's awesome ASP.NET Data Tutorials here (there are more than 50 fantastic tutorials all in VB and C# for common data scenarios in ASP.NET):

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  • Yes the SQl Video is very very well done. I am really liking these video tutorials.

    Can we also have some video tutorial for deploymenet of ASP.NET projects and creating msi files

  • Scott - You just won the Malik best MSFT blog award.

  • thank for providing me a help

  • Awesome...keep up the good work Scott! These videos are coming in handy for a lot of people that I know, me included!

  • great material, very well done , thanks a lot for your efforts

  • Wonderfully informative as usual!

    A question: has there ever been any thought given to providing these tutorials on a DVD. I realize that more are being added all the time, and there's administrative overhead. However, surely Microsoft et. al. can come up with some automated system that accepts a user request, compiles the latest content and calculates the # of DVDs required, bills the user a nominal fee based on content/destination, and then burns/ships them?

    I'd imagine there would be many uses for such a system. I, for one, would pay for them.

  • I recently install Vista on my laptop, I use it for dev. with VStudio 2005. I love Vista, but I had a lot of trouble to configure the way I need it. Had to read a lot on Vista for this type of installation. At the end it worked nice SQL2005 + RS2005 + VS2005, then I install .net framework 1.1 and application I install need the framework, now ReportingServices does not run, I had a lot of errors on IIS, do you have any link to read more about this kind of trouble? or where I can learn more about Vista and RS2005



  • Hi Caleb,

    If you can send me email with details about the problem you are having with reporting services, I can loop someone in on that team to help.



  • The training videos are very well focused and talks about basics. It would very helpful to get big picture about SQL Express 2005.

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