Great Free Video Training on ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC

We’ve recently published some great end-to-end ASP.NET video training courses on the web-site. 

Created by Pluralsight (a great .NET training company), these video courses are available free of charge and provide a great way to learn (or brush-up your knowledge of) ASP.NET Web Forms 4 and ASP.NET MVC 3.  Each course is taught by a single trainer, and provides a nice end-to-end curriculum (from basic concepts to working with the new Entity Framework “code first” model to security, deployment, and testing).   

Below are some details on the two free training courses we published this weekend (and links for how to watch them):

ASP.NET MVC 3 Training

This weekend we posted the final videos in a brand new 10 part ASP.NET MVC 3 training course taught by K Scott Allen.  You can now watch the entire series for free on the page (it is on the left-hand side within the “Essential Videos” section):


Below is a breakdown of the 10 video modules in the ASP.NET MVC 3 series:

You can find pointers to the entire series on the page.

ASP.NET Web Forms 4 Training

Dan Wahlin is developing a great course on ASP.NET Web Forms 4.

You can watch the series for free on the page (it is on the left-hand side within the “Essential Videos” section):


Below is a breakdown of the 9 video modules in the ASP.NET Web Forms series:

You can find pointers to the entire series on the page.  We’ll be posting links to the final 3 videos in the series later this month.

Even More Content Coming

Keep an eye on the and learning centers in the months ahead as we post even more textual and video training content.  Each of the two learning centers now has a nice structured outline of content that you can use to quickly look things up as well as learn how ASP.NET works.  We’ll be refining and extending the content even more in the weeks and months ahead.

Hope this helps,


P.S. In addition to blogging, I am also now using Twitter for quick updates and to share links. Follow me at:


  • thanks a lot scott. I was just discussing how to get fit on ASP.NET with a colleague and these videos seem to be a very good starting point.

  • Hi Scott,
    I've seen all the videos and I can highly recommend them to all beginners and advanced developers as well to brush-up their knowledge. Best comprehensive walkthrough that I've seen about ASP.NET MVC. Many thanks.

  • Hi Scott,
    Nice videos thanks for sharing with us....

  • Three versions of Express editions(2005, 2008, 2010)and still no support for basic stuff like unit testing? If I have to search for open source alternatives for most basic functionalities like unit testing I would prefer to shift to 100% open source development where I don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to be a Professional Developer.

  • Pluralsight has a very good Silverlight video player!

  • Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the newer stuff, but please retain the older videos somewhere as well. The content of those videos is still valid and used to train others.


  • Wow Scott, that was a great post.
    I was just looking for MVC 3 video samples.
    Thanks :)

  • great staff, i used webforms for currently i am converting it to MVC3 with Razor view engine. as I seperated my business layer and data access layer, the conversion is not taking long time so far.
    only problem i had is the web deployment. i heard that web hosting servers don't need to have MVC3 installed as long as they have framework 4. but I uploaded a test MVC site, and couldn't make it work although my web server has .NET 4 installed. I am getting "Directory Listing Denied"...
    anyway, good work from your team again, I am looking forward for the "Web Deployment" videos.

  • I'd love to be able to watch those on iphone. Do they have other format than Silverlight?

  • Nevermind my last comment, I just found they have an app for iphone.

  • @Don on the learn webforms page the links to Essential Videos is where you'll find all the old videos I agree you I use them all the time
    Great work team microsoft

  • Hi Scott,
    Is there a place I can grab the code and slides for these videos?

  • Thanks a lot for sharing these great videos, could you please tell us a little more what is coming soon? For example, MVC 3 tools update now include an Intranet template, how do we enable role management properly with Intranet template? an AccountController like RoleController?

  • Just watched the first video. Excellent. Good material, and a good presenter.

  • Hey Scott,
    Thanks for the videos. Could you tells us though the reason behind omitting unit testing in the web forms series.

  • Great video! thumbs up..

  • While we greatly appreciate the videos,MS and PS can go a step further by making it downloadable.That will make REALLY FREE to access and use. Thanks Gu.

  • A Nice Video Collection indeed.....

  • Thanks for building up those ASP.NET learning centers Scott.

  • Hi Scott,

    For some reason I am not able to see any videos from and pluralsight for some time now. It just doesnt stream anything. And its just not me, a lot of my friends seem to have same problem. Do you happen to know any reason for such things?

  • // Asif Maniar: Is there a place I can grab the code and slides for these videos?

    For Pluralsight videos, I think you need to subscribe ($49/month rate or yearly rate) to get slides & code. Subscribing at basic $25/month lets you view ALL courses but not download slides or code.

  • Thanks Scott, great videos!

    I wish that there would be something similar for the Windows Phone, that would be really cool.
    Any plans on providing WP7 training videos?

  • Hey thank you scott..
    It's very helpful :)

  • Dear Scott
    I hope you read you comments because i have a problem
    I have a little system in the making, i take a set of data from a MS SQL 2005 server database pass it through a web service to a windows form application (VB.NET)
    Everything works nicely.. BUT major problem with a date field ! I am pulling persons information from the MS SQL Servers which has name, surname, DOB and sex of the client.
    When it gets displayed into my VB Form the data is (1) one day less than what is stored in the actually database tables.
    eg. My data of birth is 25 Feb 1979
    When it gets displayed into the form it shows up as 24 Feb 1979

    I tried it on another pc - it worked fine,
    So i tried it on a third PC it gives the same problem.

    So it shows up properly on some PC and it shows up 1 day less on others.
    These PC all uses windows 7 or XP.

    Please help

  • It will be convenient for non native english speakers like me if PLURALSIGHT also provides us with the corresponding (narration) texts (if any).
    Sometimes I cannot catch what the speaker said clearly.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Scott,
    Great Videos, Thanks for sharing.

  • This is really a splendid training video. Explaination is so much smooth and detailed, even a beginner can grap all the things.

    Salute you for your amazing work..

  • thanls for these videos, MVC is the bestess thing since air

  • Thanks

    This is great but i am from italy and if you are not mother tongue english some times is not easy understand foreign languages blease add subtitles in english thanks


  • Great content. Thanks.

  • Unless you guys resolve the holy error message ( Please don't say this as a design feature :-) ) , programmers will continue to resist MVC...nth version also.

    "The model item passed into the dictionary is of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[MvcApplication1.Models.AAAAAAA]', but this dictionary requires a model item of type 'MvcApplication1.Models.AAAAAAA' "

    Off the topic, why do we need to learn another scripting language that is not flexible at all?

  • A Humble Request:
    Kindly assist by making the videos available for download in Windows Media Format (or any other suitable format) for off-line viewing.

  • thanks great video

  • I've seen all the videos and I can highly recommend them to all beginners and advanced developers as well to brush-up their knowledge. Best comprehensive walkthrough that I've seen about ASP.NET MVC. Many thanks.

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  • Thanks Scott.

    Of course this is nice. In effort to help others learn ASP.NET faster (in How to way), I have also written .NET How to's series recently based on real time problem faced by developers. I am going to add more into this on regular basis !

    Hope this will help.

  • This is great stuff for both newbie and experience developer. Thanks!!!

  • I would like to see more on Entity Framework and Code First approach. This is a great warmup; however, when you need to build more relationships it gets fuzzy. At least for me who is new to EF and MVC...

  • Thank you very much for these video links Scott!

    I have been very disappointed since PS took over what use to be free learning after many have spent tons of money on Visual Studio over the years and other Microsoft products.

    Once again... Thanks.

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  • Hi Scott,

    I'd follow with interest, this information so it worked.


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