I’m speaking at a Free AzureCraft event in London on June 3rd

I’ll be in the UK next week presenting at the free AzureCraft event being held on June 3rd and 4th.  This event was created by the UK Azure User Group and is a great way to learn about Azure as well as engage with the Azure community in the UK.

What’s new in Azure Talk

I’ll be speaking on June 3rd from 9:30-11:30am on “What’s new in Azure”.  It is going to have a lot of new content and highlight some of the cool new services and capabilities in Azure that developers might not have had a chance yet to try out (while at the same time being understandable even to people who have never used Azure before).  Some of the topics + demos I’m planning to cover include:

  • Mobile apps with Xamarin – Build native iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps + mobile DevOps
  • Azure Functions – Listen and react to events using server-less code
  • Azure Container Service – Build Docker based container applications with distributed orchestration
  • Azure DocumentDB – Planet-scale NoSQL service, now with MongoDB API/Protocol support as well
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse – Store and query huge amounts of data
  • Azure IoTConnect any device to the cloud
  • Sneak Peak of new Azure Command Line Experience – First look at something cool coming out soon

After my talk there are a bunch of additional talks throughout the day that will then go into even more depth on different Azure topics. 

Sign-up for Free

You can register for the event for free here.  The event on June 3rd (where I’m speaking) is being held at the Mermaid Puddle Dock, Blackfriars London.  On June 4th there is then a great set of additional talks + workshops being held at the Microsoft Reading campus.

You can learn more about the overall event on the Azurecraft.uk web-site.

Hope to see you there!



  • Great news !

    You'll be able to explain why you keep refusing to open source VB6 programming.

  • Will it be filmed for channel 9 ?

  • That's great.. Will be looking forward for the event to bring more interesting updates on new things about Azure!

  • is there any live broadcast on Azure on June 3rd

  • +1 for live cast or even a recording afterwards.
    I've registered for the event but don't think I'll be able to make it for the whole day.

  • Why you can do programming.

  • Oh no, I missed that event. Is there any resources that will tell about conversations from Azure craft event?

  • Scott, Sorry to bug you but I think someone at Microsoft needs to take a good look at a problem with the channel9.msdn.com web site.
    for several years the site has had attacks of posts flooding the forum and no one at Microsoft has stepped up to commit the resources to fix it. we are hearing that they are working on it but it seems like they have not really committed the funds or the staff to deal with it.
    So here is a web sites that is supposed to show developers how great Microsoft tools are and a site that hosts a huge amount of the live streams and online videos for Microsoft development that Microsoft can't fix. Makes Microsoft look really bad.
    I just was there and there are OVER 120 *PAGES* of junk posts on the main forum "Coffeehouse" ! this has been happening every few weeks for years now. on the site we have begged for a way to handle it and we can not really see any changes to fix it. recently a post was made claiming they are working on it after all this time but I think no one trusts that they are really doing anything to fix it.

  • Microsoft should support the call on VisualStudio UserVoice for "VB6 programming: Waking a sleeping giant - MSDN magazine article"

    This requests a classic VB language and IDE transpiling to JavaScript/HTML5.
    To allow the familiar VB6/VBA language and IDE to be used to write web and mobile apps in VB and cross compile these to JavaScript (and to create server apps with node.js).

    A great way forward for VB6 programming and great for Microsoft too.

    Please consider this request.

  • Missed this event as well :-(
    Any similar event in the future related to Azure?

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