Microsoft Joins OpenAJAX Alliance

I'm really pleased to be able to announce that Microsoft today joined the OpenAjax alliance

The OpenAjax alliance is a group of vendors, open source projects and companies using AJAX that are focused on developing common AJAX standards and ensuring interoperability across different AJAX frameworks, tools and technologies.  Joining the group will help ensure that the Microsoft AJAX Library and ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions integrate well with other AJAX frameworks and server technologies.  

Interoperability has always been a key ASP.NET AJAX deliverable. We made the client-side Microsoft AJAX Library work seamlessly with other server frameworks from the very beginning, and during the beta we went through and renamed several JavaScript classes/functions to avoid collisions with other frameworks (for example: $() to $get() and Sys.Debug). Through the OpenAjax Alliance we will partner with other industry leaders to provide even deeper interoperability in a way that continues to benefit all developers on all platforms.

Bertrand Le Roy from the ASP.NET Team will be representing Microsoft in the organization's upcoming meetings.  Stay tuned to his blog to stay up to date.

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  • That's great news Scott, good to see you guys engaging with that community too.

  • Good news for all Ajax developers, Thanks!

  • Definitly great news. Most Ajax libraries offers certains thing that certain people what. This way , we can combine what we like without worrying about integration issues.

    Looking forward to hear the results later on.

  • Great to hear that. I have one question which is out of topic. If I cannot have ajax extension installed in the server(GAC), how can i use the ajax extension by keeping the files in Bin folder. Is there anything special that I have to do to run the application

  • I guess I'm ignorant of what this really means. Where can I learn what's broken today with MS AJAX library that being in an Alliance will improve? How does an Alliance compare with a Consortium (eg. OASIS) in function and responsibilities?

    I'm still wishing I can, within my lifetime, write one set of code that behaves consistently across all client devices and servers. Are all vendors honestly and actively pursuing this?

    Why doesn't the government regulate all companies under her purview comply with specific standards? It would promote a level-playing field and customers win big.

    No ill intended, just passing my comments.

  • This is great news..

  • Thanks for Ajax..............

  • I was glad to see that both MSFT and Google joined and I do hope it will calm the waters a bit between the two. ;-)

  • AJAX has got lots of attention for quite a some time, now this step will be a milestone towards aceving the user experience over web.
    ..moreover writing code for AJAX will be standard across the platforms.


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