MIX 09

Two weeks ago we held our MIX conference in Las Vegas.  MIX is my favorite conference of the year – since it nicely integrates development and design topics together in a single event, and is usually accompanied by some pretty cool product announcements.

I gave a first day MIX keynote again this year, and in it I talked about and announced a bunch of new Microsoft web development products.  These included:

My keynote also included a ton of demos and highlighted a bunch of great customers including: StackOverflow, NetFlix, NBC, Bondi Publishing, and KEXP.

Click here to watch the day one MIX keynote online.  Bill Buxton led off the keynote with a great talk about user experience for 20 minutes – I then talked for an hour and 50 minutes after him.

You can also watch all the breakout sessions from MIX online for free here (Greg Duncan has an easy to navigate list of them here as well).

I’ll be doing more in-depth blog posts in the days ahead on many of the technologies we introduced/announced and all the cool things you can do with them. 

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  • Thanks for keeping us up to date. MIX is my favorite conference as well, as several great ideas and opportunities stem from the talks given by folks like you. Bravo!

  • Glad to hear the news, but unfortunately most of us can't join the conference, we can only keep your blog and broadcast.

  • Scott,

    Thanks for your keynote,
    I very impress about new Expression Blend 3 features and download a preview bit to play around, unfortunately that this bit is not include SketchFlow feature.

    When the Preview bit that have SketchFlow feature will be availale?


  • thanks for the update, I only knew about Silverlight 3 beta and expression 3 launch at mix, I also watched your interview on channel 9............nice features in silverlight 3

  • Just finished watching Bill's talk. Great stuff!

  • glad to read your post. Its difficult to visit conference when you leave as far as India. so listening to session and blog is the only way for us.. I did saw some of the sessions and they were great.

  • A lot of cool in this MIX.

  • Hi Scott, Frankly one of the showstopper right now in Silverlight 3 development is we have to let go Silverlight 2 tools which in my opinion is the biggest challenge. I personally have not played with it for simple fact that I have ongoing Silverlight 2 applications to develop and support. Although there are workarounds we do not have time to do them for different projects, we have to switch which is even worse then DOS days.

    I think main aim of Beta development tool should be to get more attractions specially to people who have been loyal to Silverlight. I hope this limitation is addressed soon. Until then we have left with no choice but to use Virtual Machines :(

  • Scott,
    I've been watching the Mix09 videos over the past week or so, as always they're great. wish I could be there.
    In your keynote you mentioned that SuperPreview will be available as a free download. I found SuperPreview for IE, but it doesn't include previewing on firefox, safari or IE6.
    Is that the free version you refered to or is there something else coming out soon?

    I've been trying to get our design team to check out the Expression tools for a while, but they're overloaded with work, this tool might do the trick...

  • Yeah, the mix 09 was a real conference this year... to much to learn, to much to understand.. but that's our work...

  • Hey Scott,

    We are getting barraged with a massive set of acronyms when it comes to talking to a database...

    ADO.NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, Domain Services, MVC, WFC, ADO.NET Data Services, LINQ, and more.

    Any chance you could put togather a Big Picture Roadmap article to explain the myriad of choices to us?

  • When can we get our hands on SketchFlow? Very cool.

  • Hey Scott,
    very nice features in Silverlight 3.
    is there any feasibility to held some MIX like conferences in other parts of the world.
    you know it's very difficult to some enthusiasts to have a trip to the united states.


  • And yet, still no Silverlight Mobile ... But not to worry there's always objective-c

  • I'm really enthousiast by the new binding methods from DomainService automatically generated server & in the client in Silverlight 3.
    Using ASP.NET from years, I would find interresting to keep same methods and property names in the XAML of Silverlight that those of corresponding ASP.NET components. If I take a look at the properties of a TextBox in Silverlight, their names are really different from thos of the ASP.NET TextBox component, for same functionnality. Was it wanted?

  • Silverlight 3 looks fantastic. Great post Scott!

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