My Presentations in Arizona this Tuesday

Update: You can now download the slides + demos I used during my talks.  Click here for the Silverlight Talk.  Click here for the MVC Talk.

This week I'm visiting Scottsdale Arizona and will be presenting at a free user group event during the day.  I'm presenting two sessions myself:

1) Developing Applications using Silverlight 2: This will be a drill-down into the new Silverlight 2 Beta1 release, and how you can build applications with it using VS 2008 and Expression Blend.  You'll leave this session with a good understanding of the basics of Silverlight programming and how to start building applications with it.

2) Developing Applications using ASP.NET MVC: This session will be a drill-down into the new ASP.NET Model-View-Controller framework option (which last week was updated .  You'll leave this session with a good understanding of what it is, how it works, and how to start building ASP.NET web applications with it.

In addition to my sessions above, there will also be great sessions at the event from Microsoft employees on "Consuming Web Services with Microsoft Silverlight", "Encoding Video for Microsoft Silverlight", and "Serving Applications with Microsoft Silverlight Streaming". 

You can sign up and attend the sessions for free.  Click here for more details on the events, and click here to register online to attend. 

Hope to see some of you there,



  • Scott, great stuff. I'm glad you can make time in your busy schedule for events like this. This just shows how much you care for the regular developers out there. Any chance someone can video tape this sessions and post them here??? Or could you post the demos, and PPTs and an explanation of each one as a blog post.

    I know that most of us really learn a lot from your presentations. I usually feel when I leave one of your sessions that I have learned more in an hour seen you than in most 20 hour courses at a training center.

  • Is it possible to make Silverlight 2.0 apps scaled based on DPI settings?

  • Will there be any video available after the presentation for the developers who can't attend your presentation because of geographical boundaries??

  • Hi Scott, I was wondering if Silverlight Full Version would include bitmap drawing framework similar to that of .NET framework or not. I think this is essential because raster bitmap drawing allows Silverlight to create cool photoshop-like graphic filters such as water ripple, morphing transformation, blur, shadow, etc. These can make special effects in video as well. Lots of applications will make use of this. In addition to that, if developers can read the bitmap pixel by pixel, various recognition applications could be developed in Silverlight, either it is a face recognition, finger print, bar code, motion detection, or text.

    I believe bitmap drawing is already there in Silverlight 2 Beta 1, but it is just hidden from public uses. I do know that it is easy for developers to abuse it over victor-graphic drawing. They might create bitmapped controls and such, and it would get in the way of realizing zoomable resolution-independent application. But I think these should be better left to the market to decide. They will automatically choose what is better. Besides, Silverlight books and other learning materials will ultimately correct them to choose Victor or Raster appropriately.

  • Dear Mr. Scott,

    VWD 2008 developers are again neglected with the non support of MVC preview 2. It was assured during December, that care will be taken during next preview...But nothing as shaped so far.

    How about blogging about Dynamic languages with respect to following points...

    (1) Asp.Net MVC with IronRuby
    (2) LINQ to SQL with IronRuby
    (3) Asp.Net with IronRuby

    After the last announcement about Dynamic languages in MIX 2007,and this year at MIX 2008 dynamic languages were totally ignored and SilverLight took away all the attention.

    Its time, you cheer up dynamic language developers too.


    Parag Kantharia

  • Hi scott,

    In SL2

    can we manage user indentity?

    Right click will support?

    will you give password box?

  • Can you please share the presentations with us? or can we get the videos of those presentations?

  • Someone please try to bring their camera to post video of Scott's sessions.

  • We are moving to Silverlight 2 Beta 1.

    I am wondering if "blend mode" will be support in the final release of Silverlight2.0 ? It's extreamly useful in my project, Flash support "blend mode" already.


  • Just downloaded 2008 and the MVC bits, REALLY looking forward to phasing out webforms development. It is funny how things have progressed, I would have though MVC would be released first THEN something like webforms! haha

    I was also checking out NHaml, truely amazing what you can do with MVC and its plugin/swapple framework.

  • Hey!! those are great topics. You should come to Sacramento :)

  • Hey ScottGu, How about visiting us up here in Toronto. Show us some love as well. We want some of your "Gu-ness" up here. -jesperated

  • I'm trying desperately to figure how to call a restful webservice with basic authentication using silverlight 2 beta 1, it seems that the Credentials property has been removed from the HttpWebRequest class. Does anyone have any pointers?

  • Scott, in your post "First look at Silverlight 2" you mention that it supports WS*. Is WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-Addressing, etc... part of the WS* you mention?


  • Hi Scott,

    I was interested in your opinion on Silverlight 2.0 + ASP.NET MVC combined together. Are they intended to work together? Have you guys thought about this match?

    They are both very exciting new features, and it makes you want to get the best of both worlds. Can we expect a blog post or a screencast on this subject?


  • Thank you Scott for an awesome presentations on Silverlight and .NET MVC.

  • Thank you Scott for the interesting presentation in Scottsdale today.

  • Scott, thanks for coming to Scottsdale. I really enjoyed the MVC presentation!

  • Hi Scott,

    Are there any thought if combining ASP.NET MVC and Silverlight 2.0 together? It seems very tempting to get the best of both worlds. Can these two be hooked up together? Is it something you guys are thinking of, and is this something that you recommend?

    If so, can we expect a blog post about this subject?


  • Dear Scott,

    are the slides available for download somewhere?


  • hi sir
    I create a silverlight control inherited from a customcontrol(It's have some specaul property) ,very time when i add new element to this contorl ,It's will regenerater a *.g.cs files at "debug" sub folder ,i need to change it to some partical control name.but when i add another elements it will been lost again.

  • I was at the the event, and yes I stayed for the whole thing. I thought everybody did a great job speaking, and the event was very well put together. Kudos to everyone involved.

  • Hi Scott,

    Thank you for taking the time to speek at the AZ Groups event yesterday. I traveled into Scottsdale from Las Cruces, NM (6 hours away) for the conference and now I am a total zombie at work but it was totaly worth it! I just had a couple of questions:

    I really liked what I saw in the MVC session and I was wondering if it is possible to use Silverlight as a view? I think this would be a great way to leverage the presentation possibilities of SL but maybe I am not seeing the full picture...

    Lastly, I remember hearing (somewhere) that Silverlight content was accessable to search engine spiders but I can't help but to remain skeptic on the issue. At the AZ conference, you mentioned that content placed inside object tags would be displayed in the case that the object itself couldn't be displayed. Is this a recommended (ethical) way to reach spiderbots?

    Thanks again for your time... I really hope you made your flight.


  • Will there be any video available after the presentation for the developers who can't attend your presentation?

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your presentations; they made the entire day worthwhile. Thank you for taking the time and making the trip.

  • Scott,

    Any chance we could see the actual destination in the confimation MessageBox displayed when publishing an ASP.NET web app? Instead of "Existing files in the destination location will be deleted. Continue?" It could be something like "Existing files in the \\MyServer\\MyLiveLocation directory will be deleted. Continue?"

    Sometimes on a long build I forget the Target Location" I entered in the "Publish Web Site" dialog and it'd be really convenient to see it in that confimation box.


  • Does Silverlight 2 have a go-live licence?

  • Hi Scott,

    Do you know when does Silverlight for 64 bit version is coming?

    Love your blog!


  • Does silverlight support Directx or Opengl graphic engine.

  • will the presentation slides be available?

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