My "Lap Around Silverlight" Talk at TechEd

On Monday I gave an overview talk called "A Lap Around Silverlight" at TechEd in Orlando.  You can download the slides of my talk here (warning: due to images the download is 12Mb).  You can also learn more about Silverlight from my Silverlight blog post here.

One of the things I did during the talk was to demo a bunch of cool applications built with Silverlight.  Below are pointers to a few of the cool ones you can check out on the web today (note: install the Silverlight 1.1 Alpha to run them):

Silverlight Airlines Sample

This was a demo I coded on-stage in my keynote at MIX, and demonstrated an on-line trip scheduler application:


You can watch a video of me walking through how to build it here (double-click on the video to watch it full-screen).

David Anson has a blog post about the application together with code you can download here.

Silverlight Surface Sample

This is a really cool sample that David built. It provides a cross-browser/cross-platform photo manipulation interface similar to that of the new Microsoft Surface product:

You can run it online here and download the code here.

Office 2007 XPS Document Reader

Yet another really cool sample from David - this application provides an Adobe Acrobat-like reading experience for Office 2007 XPS documents.  It shows off panning and zooming for documents, as well as a nice pagination interface:


You can run the application online here, and download the code here.

Smalltalk Development Shell within the Browser using the DLR

This is a really cool application that implements a .NET Smalltalk implementation using the DLR on top of Silverlight, and provides the start of an in-browser development tool to target it. 

Run the application and read about the current status here.

Fantastic Four Video Player

The below player enables you to watch DVD quality video on the web in an immersive Silverlight player experience:

Click here to watch the video online and get a preview of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

Hope this helps,



  • Hi ScottGu!
    First of all thx for your great posts.
    I have a question to you, will 2005 support new technologies like Silverlight, WPF, LINK or in general .NET 3.0-3.5 and so on… when these technologies will be released... maybe via add-ins, new service pack or somehow..
    Or these technologies are planned only for Orcas.

    Thank you.

  • Truly amazing stuff and good demos. A Silverlight application I would really like to see is a rich text editor to replace freetextbox, fckeditor etc. One that can do image resizing, cropping and just be more Word-like. One that just works without the quirks that the other javascript ones have.

  • I modified the great Surface Silverlight demo and added video support, see my example here:

  • Thanks for these links to the download. Any chance you comming to India for a session. :)

  • Hi Art,

    You can use VS 2005 to compile assemblies for Silverlight 1.1 today. Michael Schwartz has a good post on how to-do this here:

    In terms of full project system, designer and debugging support, we don't currently plan to add these to VS 2005, but rather add them on top of "Orcas". We will support targetting Silverlight using the VS Orcas Express SKUs as well.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Sam,

    Very cool sample on your site!



  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for posting all the cool stuff about Silverlight. I have one question. I recently download the Visual Web Developer Express (Orcas) and was wondering that if I can create Silverlight applications in it. If so are there any extensions available for VWDE (Orcas)?


  • Hi Scott,

    You may already know about this issue, apologies if you do.

    After downloading and installing the silverlight dev tools, I was getting access denied errors for a file named TestPage.html.js and the project would not be created. After a bit of research I discovered that the problem was caused by my antivirus software (AVG Pro) blocking the file because of it's 'hidden .js extension'.

    For anyone else suffering with this problem, one way to get around it (without having to mess around with your anti-virus software settings) is the following:

    1. find the offending file, in my case it was located at
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\ProjectTemplatesCache\CSharp\Silverlight\1033\\TestPage.html.js

    2. Get rid of the double extension, rename it to TestPage.js

    3.Open TestPage.html and edit the script reference to point to TestPage.js rather than TestPage.html.js

    3. Edit SilverlightProject.vstemplate (in a text editor, like notepad) and edit the TestPage.html.js ProjectItem in the TemplateContent section of the file, again make it TestPage.js instead.

    4. Open SilverlightProject.csproj in a text editor and replace all refereces to TestPage.html.js with TestPage.js (there's actually only one in this case).


  • Hi Scott,

    Great post, thanks for this. I can't wait to find some time to spend with Silverlight. Oh, and I think Mads has a VERY great idea up there!

  • I have been waiting for this demo the day i saw Silverlight in action at MIX 07. Thanks Scott!

  • Thanks Scott,

    I checked out the xps reader and it's very cool. Is there going to be more "official" support for xps in future builds? I think it would be really cool if there was a solution to move between office formats and xps without needing to go through a print driver. Do you know if such a thing exists or is planned. Thanks (keep up the good work :) )

  • Scott, it never occured to until my little sister saw me watching this video and innocently asked "Is that Kermit the frog talking?". I almost fell from my seat laughing. Anyway, seriously, for me it is one of the best Silverlight presentation to date. Congrats!

  • Hi Scott,

    Do you have any idea when the Silverlight will be available for the Visual Studio Web Developer Orcas Edition?


  • Hi Azam,

    We probably won't have Silverlight support in Visual Web Developer "Orcas" until later in the year. But you can download the higher versions of "Orcas" today for free (since they are still in beta). These all work with Silverlight.

    Hope this helps,


  • Mr. Scott, can you please point me where I can find out the difference between Silverlight and WPF? I am having a hard time understanding what the different technologies are for. Is Silverlight a WPF for the browser? What is WPF for? Desktop?

    I downloaded the WPF SDK with xamlpad, etc., but the Silverlight XAML did not work in it. I know it's because I don't understand what goes where.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Johnny,

    >>>>>> Mr. Scott, can you please point me where I can find out the difference between Silverlight and WPF? I am having a hard time understanding what the different technologies are for. Is Silverlight a WPF for the browser? What is WPF for? Desktop?

    Silverlight only runs within the browser, whereas full WPF supports both the desktop and the browser. Silverlight is cross platform, whereas WPF runs only on Windows (but has full hardware acceleration and 3D support).



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