Next Generation Yahoo Messenger built with WPF and .NET

At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Yahoo showed off some cool demos with their next generation messenger client (you can watch a video of it in action at  One of the really cool things about the new messenger client is that it was built using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the .NET Framework.

One of the most powerful aspects of WPF is its ability to create really immersive user experiences that go far beyond what we typically expect today from either a client or web application.  Developers can style and templatize UI in a way not possible with most other UI frameworks, and use its built-in UI/Code separation model to enable both designers and developers to collaborate on projects together.

Over the next few months I'll be posting a number of blog posts that walkthrough how you can start learning WPF to build great applications (note: WPF is now a built-in library of the .NET Framework redist).  If you are interested in learning more about WPF I'd also highly recommend subscribing to "theWPFBlog" - which posts some great articles on both WPF and WPF/E (the above screenshot came from this recent post).

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