October 22nd Links: ASP.NET, Visual Studio, WPF and Silverlight

Here is the latest in my link-listing series.  Also check out my ASP.NET Tips, Tricks and Tutorials page and Silverlight Tutorials page for links to popular articles I've done myself in the past.


  • Building a Great ASP.NET AJAX Application from Scratch: Brad Abrams has a nice end to end application tutorial that shows off building an ASP.NET AJAX application from scratch. It covers ASP.NET, LINQ, Server and Client-side AJAX, the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, jQuery and more.  A great end to end read.

  • ASP.NET MVC and the new IIS7 URL Rewriting Module: Scott Hanselman has a great post that shows off using the new IIS7 Rewriitng Module (which is free and very, very cool) to deliver great SEO (search engine optimization) for sites built with ASP.NET and specifically ASP.NET MVC. 

Visual Studio

  • VS 2008 Snippet Designer: A cool utility that enables you to quickly create re-usable Visual Studio snippets.  Very handy for automating common tasks.

Silverlight and WPF

  • XAML Power Toys Released for WPF and Silverlight: Karl Shifflett has released an awesome update to his XAML Power Toys download.  This is a must-have download if you are doing WPF or Silverlight development, and provides a bunch of great wizards and tools that help automating application development.  Very, very cool stuff.

  • WPF Pixel Shader Effects Library on CodePlex: .NET 3.5 SP1 added Pixel Shader support to WPF - which enables you to add cool DirectX optimized visual effects to any WPF control or surface.  This article from Jamie points to a nice new CodePlex project that is available that delivers a bunch of pre-built effects you can use.

  • Silverlight 2 UI Templates: Tim Heuer writes about some cool new UI templates available for the recently released Silverlight 2.

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  • Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the informative link posted above.It would be nice if you post a sample with new features of Asp.NET MVC beta release.

  • Silverlight 2.0 is very great , Have fixed all of the problem i faced in beta 1 and beta 2. Let's start the new life with it. Please keep on give us more news about it . I'm so scared after a long time havn't got the information from it . I have put to much hope on it !

  • Nice Links.
    About Snippet Designer Is there any thing to your knowledge from which we can insert snippet in ASPX part ?
    I mean Html/Aspx Code snippet ?

  • Great Links As Always

  • Hi,Scott
    Are you have any idea add camera and microphone support in Silverlight?

  • links with great information. thank's scott.

  • Hello Scott,
    I am using Visual Studio 2008 Professional edition. Now I have also started using jQuery.But I want that I should get intellisense for jQuery. How to do that ?
    Will MS will publish any update to VS 2008, which will integrate jQuery completely so that I will get everything related to jQuery ( intellisense, controls , tools ... )
    Thank You

  • Good list, as allways :) thx

  • Great Links, thanks.

  • Hear me out: I don't want to install licensed, basic configurations in virtual environments any longer! Think of the productivity gains in a world where... The MSDN premium subscriber downloads one of 10 (20? 50?) ready-to-go virtual images, configured by the pros themselves! Download your image in Hyper-V or VirtualPC format and GO! Trial license keys are used and can be upgraded to valid keys at any time. (Extra benefit that multiple trial configurations are now available.) Example: With the most recent release, I... 1) downloaded 2008 server, 2007 SharePoint, SQL 2008, TFS 2008, 2007 Office, 2007 Visio, 2007 Project, 2008 Visual Studio, and Expression Studio v2. 2) I then boot up a Virtual PC VHD and install and configure Server 2008. 3) Install all patches. 4) backup and compress the image. 5) Install/config SQL 2008 and SharePoint 2007 and repeat steps #3-4. 6) Install/config TFS 2008 and repeat steps #3-4 (because TFS config is painful). 7) Install/activate/config Office, VS2008, Expression Studio and steps #3-4. Now, I can do whatever I want for a while and always fall back to a virtual. I want to try out PerformancePoint? Back to image in step #5. I want to try out just Search 2008 standalone? Back to step #4. ONE ACTIVELY PATCHED Operating System Virtual Image WOULD BE A HUGE TIME SAVER! PLEASE?! *By the pros? :)

  • Thank you for VS 2008 Snippet Designer link. I used to use VB Snippet designer for this. However VS 2008 Snippet Designer is definitely better.

  • Thanks for the list, hope it helps me with my jQuery plugin.

  • Hi Scott,

    I made a post here yesterday about problems with our cascading drop down list after converting from VS2005 to VS2008. I found the issue today; we were missing the following directive before the class declaration of the web service:


    Pam Murray

  • Jesse Liberty has gone too far. Why is this jerk representing MS? Read his blog today --- all comments are negative, and he's disabled further responses. He devoted more time on his political blog today then he has on any of his lame Silverlight efforts. This guy is a sham, and has hurt Silverlight development and tarnished MS's reputation time and time again.

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