Silverlight PivotViewer Now Available

Three months ago at MIX we announced and first demoed the Silverlight PivotViewer control. The Silverlight PivotViewer control enables you to visualize thousands of objects at once, and sort and browse data in a way that helps you see trends and quickly find what you’re looking for. It’s ability to compare information, and navigate it in a way that feels natural and fast, is really unrivaled in the market today. 

PivotViewer is one of those technologies that’s way better experienced than described.  Below are a few cool examples of large information sets published on the web using it with Silverlight 4:

Netflix Instant Watch Movies

This Netflix Instant Watch collection is hosted on Windows Azure and was built by a member of the Windows Azure team. It provides a nice example of how you can use PivotViewer to navigate a large set of information quickly and easily. You can use it to easily find and sort through all your favorite movies, and then navigate directly to the page on Netflix to add it to your instant watch queue.

Browse the site and use the navigation controls on the left to filter and fly through the movies. Then read this post to learn how the site was built with less than 500 lines of code.


Hitched Wedding Locations

Hitched is a UK based wedding site that has thousands of wedding venues in the country. It now enables visitors to quickly browse and filter locations using PivotViewer.  Want a big wedding, >300 people?  Must be near London and support overnight accommodations?  No problem - what started as thousands of possibilities ends up quickly finding an optimal location. 

Browse the site and give it a try.


PivotViewer Control Now Available for Download

The Silverlight PivotViewer control, along with tools that enable you to easily build your own data collections with it, is now available for download.  You can easily integrate it within your own sites and applications.  Best of all it is completely free.

Below are some resources you can use to get started and learn more:

We think PivotViewer provides an awesome way to visualize data.  The new PivotViewer control for Silverlight, and the tools and samples that ship with it, now makes it really easy for developers and sites to take advantage and use it.  We are looking forward to seeing what you build with it!

Hope this helps,


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  • Thanks, I've been waiting for this!

  • nice

  • Nice and cool control, thanks for your efforts

  • Is this available for WPF as well, or just Silverlight ?

  • This control looks great. Is there a way to use Silverlight usercontrols instead of deep zoom images?

    For example if I had a large collection of data (comprised of text and numeric data fields - ie. with no images) then could we use the pivotviewer control to perform faceted search functionality on the data, and the usercontrol (or datatemplate etc) to determine how the fields in the data are presented?

  • I assume the answer to the previous question is no so I will extend it.

    When will this be ready for WPF?

  • Nice component, I will try it out.

  • Crossing my fingers. Hoping i can use this kind of control against a SQL Server cube.

  • Hi,
    This is a very nice initiative.I am planning a wonderful to build upon powerpivot.


  • Great! I've been waiting on this control for weeks. Thanks for the update.

    I have not had time to play around with the new SL Pivot control and not sure if announced during this release, but I wanted to know if there are any new tools on how to create collections ( both data and images )?

    The Excel tool is nice, but seems there are better ways to do this programmatically for nightly collection builds and publishing to server. Also, some of the Pivot guys from videos and Mix session mentioned there was a Photo Shop tool ( tab delimited file ) to create the images. I hope they are going to release a better tool to integrate within Expression suite and/or DeepZoom Composer. I don't have Adobe tools and don't plan on it, so all my collection images are blank until then:(

    Thanks again. Can't wait to use control and read Jesse's tutorials.

  • Hi,

    This is great, but the dependency on images is somewhat limiting for business data visualization (I have mostly data, no pictures). It would be great to be able to generate the item using Silverlight itself though a data template or some other mechanisms.

    In any case this is pretty awesome, thanks!


  • This is great stuff. Thanks.

  • Ok, this should be great but when i enter those 2 websites i get a warning that my silverlight version is old and then i try to update it and it downloads Silverlight 1.0, and i already have silverlight v3.05, any way to solve this?

  • Yet another glitzy but fundamentally unimportant toy.

    I'd be a lot more impressed with a ReportViewer control for SQL Server Reporting Services.

  • Scott,

    What is required for the Pivot Jit Sample? When I try to load the .sln file the SilverlightPiviotViewer project fails to load. The Web platform installer says I have the Silverlight April 2010 Release installed but Silverlight Tools fro Visual Studio 2010 is not checked and fails when I try to install.


  • I really like this control . It seems pretty cool!

  • Seems interesting and impressive.
    Pivot viewer control can be useful at times. I am going to try my hands on this.

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